Mint Plant
Mint – Herb that Keeps Your Breath Fresh and Your Body in Good Shape
January 23, 2013 Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Mint Plant


Mint is usually known as a breath freshener all over the world. It is sometimes called by its scientific name Mentha. Little do people know but it actually does more than just freshen the breath. It actually has more health benefits that you think!


Health Benefits of Mint


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This herb actually promotes proper digestion and is being used in many parts of the world as an appetizer because of its aroma. This aroma that mint has activates salivary glands and is being used in many culinary activities.

Mint is a natural cure for migraines and chronic nausea. The simple aroma of mint is capable of eliminating headaches or dizziness.

Mint also aids in eliminating respiratory disorders such as coughs and colds. The smell of a mint herb can open a congested nose and relieves a person of the pains of breathing problems brought about by asthma. In fact, if mint is used regularly, you can get rid of chronic colds and breathing problems.

Pimples and other skin problems and infections can be eliminated as well because mint is also a great natural skin cleanser. It has anti pruritic properties that are used to treat insect bites.


Mint Herb Preparations

People usually mix mint with water and boil it in order to get the aroma and let the patient smell it to feel relief. This way, the mint herb acts like an inhaler for asthma patients. Mint is also being produced as breath fresheners and mouth wash because it is a great herb for dental care. No other plant can provide as much benefits to oral care like mint.

Often times, mint is also used as oil and is being rubbed to the skin as a solution to skin problems. As you know very well, mint is also being used as flavoring to food such as smoothies, pastries and candies.



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