Honey: What Can it Really Do?

honey remedy

Are you using your jar of honey to its complete potential? You might be using honey to naturally sweeten your hot beverage or snack but did you ever consider that you might be benefiting more than your taste buds? Health benefits of consuming honey have been documented in early Greek, Roman, Vedic, and Islamic texts and the healing qualities of honey were referred to by philosophers and scientists all the way back to ancient times.

Honey is a sweet liquid produced by honey bees using nectar from flowers. This naturally derived, sweet syrup does more than you can imagine. Honey has been proven to treat conditions of acid reflux, infantile gastroenteritis, allergies, and the list goes on and on. Keep reading to find out how incorporating a little more honey into your diet could positively benefit you’re future health. Honey has been found to shorten the duration of bacterial diarrhea in infants and young children when used in a oral rehydration solution to treat infantile gastroenteritis.

Honey could also be useful in helping minimize seasonal allergies. The Guardian reported that eating one tablespoon of honey a day might even ‘beats cough medicine’ at alleviating and reducing the frequency of cough. This makes a lot sense considering the seasonal allergies we experience come from the pollen in the air. This pollen comes from the same flowers honey bees derive their nectar from.

The ancient Greeks believed that consuming honey could help you live longer but could it be because honey has been proven to help fight infections?  Thats right folks! That honey bear in your cupboard has the ability to kill bacteria!  In 2010, scientists from the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam reported in FASEB Journal that honey’s ability to kill bacteria lies in a protein called defensin-1. Manuka honey kills bacteria by destroying key bacterial proteins and can even be effective in the treatment of MRSA infections.

So go ahead, brush the dust off your honey bear and treat your body to some golden goodness. See what one table spoon a day could do to your allergies and well being!


Written by Charlie Marquez

Sourced from Medical News Today

Author: Charlie Marquez

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