Home Remedies for Cough – Symptoms, Causes and Natural Treatments

Having knowledge of the best home remedies and treatment options for stopping this irritable condition is a godsend as having a cough can be the most annoying thing in the world. Carry on reading to learn some effective and natural home remedies that will have your throat thanking you that you did.


Little girl coughing with the flu


What is Cough?

Coughing is actually an important body activity, which helps to keep the airways and throat clear. However, it is also something that we want to get rid of as it can be painful and irritating. This article will discuss the symptoms, causes and also some excellent natural remedies for a cough.

Excessive coughing or coughing all night indicates that the person is suffering from a disorder or an underlying ailment. Some coughs are considered productive while other coughs are dry. Productive coughs are those which bring mucus along and mucus is known as sputum or phlegm.


Breathing Difficulties


Girl coughing with tissue in hand

Girl with whooping-cough


Coughing is mainly caused by over breathing which contributes directly.

Over breathing is a direct contributor to coughing. Breathing too much results in the airways having to condition a larger volume of air. This makes them very sensitive thus causing either a tickle to the back of the throat or an increased secretion of mucus which precedes the cough. Cough sometimes is quite embarrassing and frustrating. Coughs can be chronic or acute.

Chronic coughs are worse because they last more than 2-3 weeks.

Acute coughs usually begin suddenly and are often because of cold, sinus infection, flu. Acute coughs do not last for long time.

Taking care of a cough is important because if we do not treat it then this becomes nasty and we refrain from working well.


Benefits of Natural Remedies

There are both home remedies for dry cough and home remedies for productive cough. These are more preferred while treating coughs for avoiding the nasal irritants and allergies because some OTC medicines like antihistamine-decongestant may result in some unwanted side effects in some people. There are various symptoms of side effects caused by the non-natural cough treatment like hand tremors, ringing in ears, rebound chest congestion, anxiety feeling. So, luckily there are some natural and effective home remedies for treating a cough which will instantly relive you. These natural cough suppressants are used more because they will also help in reducing or eliminating running nose and eyes, sinus congestion, itchiness, post nasal drip, dry cough, sinus pain and pressure which includes migraines and constant headaches.


Reducing Symptoms of Cough

Coughing can be reduced with natural treatments and also various symptoms like throat congestion, shortness in breath are associated with allergic or fever rhinitis. If you use these remedies then cracked mucous, dry mouth, fatigue, rapid shallow heart palpitations and side effects with decongestants and antihistamine will also reduce. These home remedies are not strong but they increase the overall body energy level. This contributes well in increasing the endurance level, quality of sleep and participation in social activities. Keep reading to find remedies below.


man coughing a spray of visible flem in motion



The cough is not so common after all. Sometimes cough can announce allergic reaction similar to hay fever or it can be the first sign of any respiratory disease such as coughing which acts as natural defense against any diseases.


Types of Cough


Spluttering Cough close up


There are 2 kinds of coughs namely: dry cough and chest cough. The natural cough cures are effective only depending on the cough you have. The phlegm identifies chest cough or mucus developed which is brought by coughing reaction whereas on other hand dry cough does not produce any phlegm.

Both the coughs are treated in different ways and home remedies too, vary if natural or pharmaceutical medicines are given for particular type of cough. The mucus can be removed in case of chest cough but dry cough lacks the coughing benefit.

Chest cough is due to respiratory disease, which is caused because of the lower or upper tract infection you will find that when condition progresses there are symptoms which will involve wheezing that is called as the whistling sound while breathing. The temperature is 101%F which has the colored phlegm. It even means you are sick and will need to check with your doctor to analyze the naturopathic physician varying symptoms.

Home remedies are essential because respiratory disease recovery is possible only by gently aiding the coughing process that helps in getting phlegm off the nasal irritation. It will make you comfortable and enable getting back on feet soon.


Dry Allergic Cough

Dry coughs are mainly caused by allergies produced from smoke, pollen, dust, mold, grass, pets, plants, agents, room deodorizers, chemical fumes and cleaning agents. Dry coughs are of no purpose and it indicates a need for expectorating mucous of which without causes needless chest irritation which will suppress the throaty dry cough.


Asthma Coughs

If you are coughing for long then it will indicate asthma and natural cough treatments are useful. Some people only have mild cough symptoms which can be treated with herbal remedies that relieve naturally, are effective, safe and gentle. The respiratory problems will be relieved from asthma. If the asthma conditions are advanced and you are dissatisfied with outcome of treatments and preventive measures then you can benefit more from natural cough treatments.


The Night Cough

Do you find yourself or your children constantly coughing at night and have no idea what to do? You are not alone, many people find themselves in the same dilemma. Don’t worry, there are several cough remedies to alleviate your problem.


Home Remedies


  • Honey: For a long time, honey has been used as an effective cough remedy because of its ability to coat the lining of the throat, bringing instant relief. You can take pure honey without mixing it with anything. Two teaspoonfuls for you and one teaspoonful for your child aged aged between five to eleven years. For a child between two to five years, half a teaspoon would be fine. Avoid giving honey to a child aged up to one year as it could lead to infant botulism. Honey can also be mixed with various other natural ingredients to make remedies that you can use when you suffer from persistent coughing at night. Ground some white pepper and mix a pinch with honey and use it three times a day for five days. If you love aloe vera, you can mix the juice or gel with honey to get a tasty and effective cough remedy
  • Onions and Garlic: These are a good source of antiseptic that will fight the cough-causing germs. You can cook with garlic, chew the cloves or crush it to get the juice. Use either the juice of the garlic or onion to mix with honey and take the mixture three times a day. Better still, you could use garlic to make a garlic plaster by mixing some olive oil with finely chopped garlic into a thick paste. Then spread the paste onto a fabric and place it on your chest. Cover it with a hot water bottle. The garlic steam will penetrate your chest membrane to ease the cough.
  • Nose Unblocking: You can keep your mucus and lung from drying by just breathing from your nose. If the nose is blocked then you do nose unblocking exercises.
  • Anti Coughing Exercise: This is good if you want to get rid of strong cough, which involves some part of the Buteyko Method. There are few things done by anti coughing exercises like: It stops the cold and dry cough and it stops coughing fits.
  • Abstain from Cows Milk: You must prevent drinking cow’s milk or taking dairy products until the coughing is in control.
  • Breathing to Control Cough: The patient must know the over breathing link between cough and learn the nasal breathe for correcting normal levels of breathing volume. A person will incorporate various techniques in their way of life to stop coughing.


home remedies for cough - meme


  • Honey and Lemon Tea: You can have warm tea with honey and lemon. The honey will help for coating the irritated throat and stop coughing.
  • Herbal Tea for Cough: Using herbal teas is a sure way of having a calm night without the irritating disturbance of a cough. Herbs such as basil, aniseed, rose hip and thyme have relieving effects on coughs. Just make yourself a cup of tea and mix it with your favorite dried herb. Strain the mixture and sweeten with honey if you so prefer.
  • Take Warm Water Bath: The steam of the warm shower will relax the irritated and persistent sore throat and thus stopping the cough. You must shower minimum for 10 minutes and breathe in steam. It can really be therapeutic.
  • Chew Peppermint Candy: Chewing peppermint candy will be helpful while preventing cough.
  • Vinegar Remedy for Stopping Cough: You can add cider vinegar to warm glass of water. Drink the glass of water when feeling the impulse for coughing. It will reduce throat inflammation over the upper respiratory passage which will reduce or stop the infection.
  • Stop Cough with Fresh Ginger: Ginger is also an effective remedy for a cough. You can peel small ginger piece and chew it slowly which will reduce the coughing impulse. You can also add pounded ginger to some honey and a little water. Drink the mixture to ease your cough and relieve your sore throat and runny nose. See our page on home remedies for a runny nose too.


Make Your Own Cough Sweets


  • One Tablespoon of honey
  • Half Cup of water
  • Half Teaspoon of ground ginger
  • One Tablespoon of lemon juice
  • Quarter Teaspoon of ground cloves
  • One Cup of sugar


 Dry Cough Remedy

In case you have a dry cough, (see this site for more info) the best home remedy would be to take some warm spinach juice and gargle it to moisturize your throat. Alternatively, make yourself a cup of carrot juice and drink it hot. If these juices are not appealing to your taste buds, you can use soaked almonds. Remove the outer skin and make into a paste mixing with butter and sugar. By taking the paste twice a day, your dry cough will be gone in no time.


Special Herbal Remedies for Cough

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CoughExSprinkles - natural remedy for cough




Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of natural remedies you can try to alleviate an irritable cough. You just need to decide which one best suits you.



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