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Home remedies and natural treatment methods are highly popular these days for the treatment of headaches and that number is increasing all the time. More than 37 million people suffer from headaches in the United States alone and many of them are switching from OTC medications to natural remedies. Keep reading to learn all about this common health condition, its causes, symptoms and all the home remedies which people use that are known to be effective and safe.


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Headaches make everything seem worse, and in some cases, they make everything impossible. The trickiest part about headaches is to tell whether they are due to cold or circulation problems, or if they are themselves a big problem (mostly due to stress and tension). Though many of the headaches may not indicate serious problems, you must take them seriously.

Headaches due to tension can have distinct sensation and can give the sufferer a feeling as if their brain is being constricted and tensed up. Some people report that they feel as if a vice or band is squeezing their head. Researchers are still not sure about the origin of these headaches.

Many people get constant headaches on the regular basis and are unable to do anything to mitigate their sufferings. Various medications provide relief only for a short duration and the headache returns back as soon as their effect subsides or when you stop taking them. Constant headaches can be a nuisance and disrupt daily activities to a great extent.

These headaches start for no apparent reason and continue to nag throughout the day. The common inclination is to pop in a painkiller and get some respite from this infliction. But the question is how many painkillers are you going to take for these headaches that are a regular feature of your life?

How safe are these medications when taken on a regular basis? Needless to say, the painkillers come with their own side effects and can be quite serious in the long run. The good news is that there are some natural headache remedies that are extremely effective in curing the nagging pain.


Adjust Your Lifestyle

Anxiety and stress can also cause severe headaches. The best way to minimize any chances of getting tension related headaches is to control the amount of stress in your daily life. Though it may sound easier said than done, there are few steps that can help you in minimizing your stress and dealing with anxiety.


girl suffers from bad headache

girl suffers from bad headache


The first thing is to get lots of sleep. When you are sleep deprived, your body will immediately go into a defense mode and you may feel tired and sick. So, your goal should be to get at least eight hours of sleep. Though it may not be possible to get that much sleep on daily basis, but you should definitely take a nap as and when you get time. Secondly, you should include plenty of exercises in your daily schedule. By taking proper care of your body there is less chance of getting headaches. Exercises also reduce the amount of stress and anxiety, so there are umpteen benefits of daily exercise routine. Don’t overdo it though as some headaches are actually caused by too much exercise.


Make a Few Changes to Combat Constant Headaches


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  • Make sure that you are getting enough sleep:  Sleep in a dark or a dimly-lit room
  • Eat a well-balanced diet that is low in fat
  • Exercise regularly
  • Do not stay hungry for too long
  • Make sure that your eyesight is alright
  • Make sure that your blood pressure is within normal limits
  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • Avoid nuts, red meat and chocolate
  • Practice positive thinking and do not brood


Some Preventative Measures

People who are searching for way to prevent their headache or migraine can find significant relief in various home remedies. Once you get a migraine attack, it may be difficult to get rid of it. Therefore, if you can find some headache cures to avoid getting the headache in the first place, you can be in a much better shape.


Adjust Your Diet

This is the easiest way to prevent your headache problem. You should eat nutritious diet, fruits, whole grains, proteins, and vegetables. When you are getting the right mix of nutrients, you will be in a much better position to avoid headaches. Aside from that, all these nutrients will keep you hydrated.

Aside from a good diet, you should also give due consideration to the fluids that you consume. Water is the best available fluid that you should take several times a day (6-10 glasses) to keep your body hydrated. Caffeine triggers headaches and migraines, so you should monitor your intake of caffeine. A tricky thing about caffeine is that its withdrawal can trigger headaches. Therefore, if you are aiming for a reduced intake of caffeine, you must reduce it gradually because any attempt to quite cold turkey is bound to give you a painful headache.


Home Remedies for Constant Headaches

  • Cinnamon – This is one of the best home remedies if you are suffering from headaches due to your exposure to the cold weather. You can mix some cinnamon powder in some water until it form a fine paste. Now you should apply this paste on both your temples and forehead to get relief from head pain.
  • Herbs and spices are good too: Some people suffer from anxiety headaches. Marjoram is very beneficial in treating people who suffer from constant headaches. Make an infusion of this herb and add it to tea for better relief. Basil leaves can be used to make a herbal tea along with a few peppercorns and ginger. This concoction can be stored and taken with warm water when the constant headaches begin.


rosemary for headaches - meme


  • Rosemary – Rosemary is another useful herb for headache relief. You should boil some herb in a quart or liter of water and put this mixture in a deep bowl or mug. Now cover your head with your towel and inhale the steam from this mixture as long as possible. You should repeat this until you feel your headache is improving. Rosemary as an herb has a calming effect. You can drink Rosemary tea for relief from headaches caused due to stress.
  • Coriander Seeds – You should put some coriander seeds into some boiling water and inhale its fragment steam to get relief from headaches caused by sinus problem.
  • Peppermint Oil for Headaches – Peppermint has been used since centuries for soothing severe headaches. You can use this herb in many ways. You can get relief by drinking its tea, using a peppermint extract or its essential oil for your head massage. However, if you are suffering from various stomach acid problems, it is better if you avoid taking it internally.
  • Garlic and Ginger for Headaches – Garlic has good headache allaying properties. Its juice when applied on forehead acts as an painkiller and helps in alleviating the pain. Ginger also has an analgesic effect and is used for treating headaches.
  • Vegetable juice treatment: Spinach juice and carrot juice can be combined together to fight migraines. About 200ml of spinach juice and 300ml of carrot juice can be combined and sipped from time to time.
  • Water Treatment – A cold compress for your head, cleansing enema with hot water, and hot formentations provide instant relief from all types of headaches that are caused by liver or stomach upsets and are an effective remedy for most headaches.
  • Apple – You can get lasting relief from persistent headaches by eating ripe apples by sprinkling them with some salt. Eat an apple with a little salt on an empty stomach every morning for a week. Remove the peel and the inner core of the apple.
  • Lemon – Lemon juice that is mixed with tea (lemon tea), provides quick relief from headaches and is one of the easiest home remedies to use . The rind of lemon helps in relieving headaches that are caused by heat. You should apply fine paste of lemon rind on your temples or forehead to get instant relief from headaches.
  • Hot Foot Bath – This bath is helpful in chronic headache treatment. You should keep your feet dipped in a tub that is filled with lukewarm water for about twenty minutes before going to sleep for treating your headaches effectively.
  • Massage for Headaches – You can get relief from headache by massaging your head with some oil. Many herbal oils such as eucalyptus oil has numerous curative properties and is helpful in treating all types of headaches and is one of the easiest and best treatments you can utilize.



Special Homeopathic Remedy for Headaches

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Find out how changing the diet is a method for stopping migraine headaches by listening to Dr. David Hill; doctor and pediatrician speaking on ocular migraine headache remedies in the video above.


Closing Thoughts

Constant headaches can be cured very effectively by following natural remedies and making a few lifestyle changes. Some headaches occur due to allergies. These allergens need to be identified and removed as far as possible. Sometimes some foods can trigger a headache. Try to identify and remove the cause. Stress is another major cause. Practice meditation and breathing exercises to combat stress. Removing the cause of the headaches can go a long way in curing the nagging pains. But when the headaches set in then try the natural home remedies for an instant cure.


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