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Why Are Yeast Infections More Common In Women Than Men?

Both men and women have candida albicans, the yeast-like organism that causes candida when it goes out of balance, in their bodies. Studies have shown that women are up to 70% more likely to develop candida infections than men are. Unfortunately, there are both lifestyle and biological factors that make it far more likely women will suffer from candida.   Reproduction Many women use oral... read more

Yeast Infections – Natural Treatments and Home Remedies

Did you know that the symptoms of a yeast infection or candida can be treated and cured using a simple home remedies? These symptoms can often be terrible and affect you negatively; hence eliminating them will help you gain your normal lifestyle. These home remedies are often simple preparations which one can prepare from natural substances within the home environment. Several of these are regular things... read more

Candida and What You Should Know About It

While talking about candida, vaginal yeast infection automatically comes into picture. No doubt it is a very annoying health problem, but unfortunately, it is a pretty common condition. Any unfavorable changes in your health condition can invite this problem, especially if you have a very weak immune system. The best advice to handle this situation is to notice the uncommon symptoms and take preventive... read more

Using Boric Acid as a Yeast Infection Treatment

Boric acid is a white, crystal, odorless powder that has anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. It’s very effective against treating fungal infections, as it interferes with its reproduction and curbs its spread. Many medical treatments for yeast infections, such as capsules and vaginal creams that may come with or without a prescription, actually contain boric acid. But you can use this in its... read more

Yeast Infection in Women – Causes and Remedies

Yeast infection in women is often referred to as Candida, Monilia, Vaginitis or simply Vaginal Yeast Infection. It is caused by a type of fungus known as Candida albicans that normally resides in the human body without causing any harm. This fungus affects the moist areas of the body such as the vagina and the mouth. As the fungus resides in the body, sometimes changes may occur that cause it to grow to... read more