How To Treat A Black Widow Spider Bite At Home

Black Widow Spider

Plump, black and flaunting a hour glass shaped red mark on their abdomens, the black widow spiders are dangerous creatures because of their bite. Note that these spiders are reclusive and not aggressive, however they do bite only when they are threatened as a form of self defense.

Although the black widow is often found outdoors in gardens and yards, they can also be found indoors hiding in dark spaces such as shoes, underneath furniture and in closets. The bite of a black widow is not fatal, but the symptoms associated with it can lead to serious health conditions depending on a few factors such as age and the immune system. Fortunately, these spider bites can be treated at home until medical care is sought, so all you need to do is be informed about the symptoms and treatments.

black widow spider


The Symptoms Of A Black Widow Bite

Protein venom is produced by a black widow spider and this is injected in humans through bites. This venom is potent venom that can affect people acutely and severely. You can watch out for symptoms within 20 minutes from the time the bite took place. These symptoms may be:

It is very rare for a person to die because of a black widow bite, but when very young children, elderly folk and those with health conditions must learn to take precautions due to possible complications.


The Treatments Available For Black Widow Spiders

Sadly, the home care options for spider bites are limited. And in cases where severe symptoms are experienced, it is essential that immediate medical assistance is sought. You can opt to apply these treatments as soon as the bite is inflicted and while you are on your way to the hospital:

  • Washing the bite with soap
  • Hot baths
  • Warm and cold compresses
  • Over the counter pain relievers
  • Tying a piece of cloth around the limb above the bite area to slow down the flow of venom in the blood stream

Once you reach the hospital, medication will be prescribed to alleviate the pain as well as to reduce high blood pressure. Muscle relaxants may also be prescribed and you may be confined at the hospital as well.


Neutralizing The Venom


black widow bite - meme

You can also try to neutralize the venom while you at home before you seek medical attention at the hospital. All you need are a teaspoon of water, a teaspoon of household chlorine bleach and a tablespoon of baking soda. After mixing them together, cover the bite with the paste. You will feel a burning sensation, but the paste will have to remain on the bite for at least 30 minutes. This mixture can neutralize the venom because the baking soda neutralizes the acidic venom while the bleach cauterizes the wound. However, remember that this is not a cure, but it can help in preventing the bite from becoming worse.

Once treatment has been sought, you must have your home treated by a pest control professional. Failing to eradicate the black widow spider from your home only increases the risk of getting bitten most especially when the spider has reproduced.


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