Unusual Home Remedies for Common Health Ailments


Through the generosity of Mother Nature, we have within our grasp some natural remedies for ailments that may befall us. Though largely viewed as unusual and bizarre, these natural home remedies which have stood the test of science and time, are known to work for many every time.

There are a lot of items lying around the house that offer in a weird, bizarre and indeed unusual manner some of the best natural home cures. When under attack by some ailments, rushing to the doctor is often the first thing that comes to mind. However, these natural ideas offer excellent solutions.

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For instance, diarrhea is a very serious disease as it quickly dehydrates the body.

  • A natural home remedy that may be used is by simply using sugar, salt and water. Simply mix the sugar and the salt and dissolve it in water. Drinking it helps with the dehydration. Also see this article on yellow diarrhea.




  • Bananas are often fruits that we use in our cereal. However, the inner part of a banana peel may be used on an itch caused by a bug bite or even a poison ivy affliction. This not only relieves the itch but also reduces the inflammation, bizarre and unusual enough for you?



Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are deposits of minerals and other organic substances deposited in the kidney. Here are two effective home remedies for kidney stones. Click here for more kidney stone remedies.

  • The dandelion root is unusual yet it is one of the most effective home remedy solutions for kidney stones. Serving the dual purpose of also cleansing the urinary tract, 500 milligrams of dandelion root taken twice daily is enough to ease the pain caused by kidney stones.



  • Another bizarre home remedy for kidney stones is watermelon. Found easily around the house, watermelon with its strong recommendation as a diuretic is over time good for kidney stones owing to its high content of potassium salts. Its high water content is also good as it keeps the body hydrated at all times.


Cold Sores

If you have ever suffered from cold sores you have probably said to yourself “I would do anything to get rid of these!” Well now is the chance to see if that is actually true with this slightly disgusting but highly effective home remedies for cold sores. Right now you are carrying around your own 100%, natural cold sore ointment located in your ears. Your ear wax has antifungal and antibacterial properties that makes it perfect for remedying cold sores.

  • To begin you are going to need to extract a small amount of ear wax using cotton swab. Some people can get a little enthusiastic when it comes to mining for ear wax, but don’t go overboard! The ear wax should be visible on the cotton but you only need a little bit for it to be effective.
  • Once you have your ear wax apply it gently to the cold sore. Try to rub it in as much as possible. This may be a little uncomfortable as cold sores can be very sensitive to the touch. You want to leave the ear wax on overnight so it’s a good idea to make your application in the evening. The longer that you can leave the ear wax in place the more effective it will be.

Provided that you can get over your initial repulsion at applying ear wax to your cold sore, you will find that you have an effective and extremely low cost solution to your problem. I am sure you will agree, this is a pretty unusual and bizarre home cure method.


Acid Reflux

If you suffer from acid reflux problem quite often, getting rid of this health condition slowly and wisely looks like the best option. Although most natural acid reflux remedies take some time to show a significant change in your condition, here are a few unusual options that can offer an instant relief from the problem.





  • Honey: As soon as you notice the uncomfortable acid reflux symptoms, take three tablespoons of honey to get a quick relief from the condition. The natural enzymes of honey called invertase and diastase will soothe your excessive stomach acid and help in proper digestion of the food.
  • You can also count on the sources of probiotics like yogurt to neutralize the bacteria that increase the frequency of acid reflux.
  • Banana is known to have a natural antacid in it. So, it is quite helpful for reducing the impact of acid reflux.
  • The moment you identify the symptoms of heartburn, drink as much water as you can. It really works!

These above mentioned natural remedies help to digest the excessive amount of a meal that creates pressure on the stomach and makes you suffer.


Strange Bizarre and Unusual But True

Strange but very true; you’ll be surprised by how an assortment of ordinary things in your tool-box or medicine chest double up as cures for common ailments. Here is a rundown on some more unusually intriguing home treatments;







biting pencil home remedy


  • Biting on pencil for headache relief – ideal if you have a common tension headache. Whenever you have a stressed, anxious or have a headache, your body subconsciously reacts and makes you clench on your jaws. If you notice this, bite on a pencil. This helps ease tension and forestalls the headache.



  • Duct-tape for warts – this is far more efficient than freezing them off. This is how it works; start by cleaning the area around the warts, cut a piece of the duct tape and press it into place. After 3 days, remove the tape and rub with anemery board. Repeat the procedure till the wart is gone. See more wart removal remedies.


Hair Care



  • Beer makes your hair soft and gives it a shine. No science here, but lots of enthusiastic testimonials. Bizarre right? For further home remedies for hair growth see this article .


More and more people are coming to realize that bizarre or unusual home remedies are way more powerful and effective than regular medicine or treatments. The truth is that modern hygiene products, medicines and cosmetics are just some recent addition to our lives, since one century ago most of them were made from common ingredients, at home. Let’s study some of the most amazing and fascinating home remedies.


Bee Sting

  • A Coin on the Sting. If you or one of your family members are allergic to wasp or bee stings, try this unusual remedy, because it really works amazingly well. Put a penny on the fresh sting, because the copper inside it helps reduce the swelling, forcing the sting out.


Insect Bites

  • Toothpaste to Deal With Insect Bites. Another bizarre cure that you need to try, especially during the hot season when mosquito bites are extremely common. Grab some minty toothpaste and put a little dab on the bitten area. You will soon notice the difference.







  • Common Cold remedies using onions. In case you deal with a nasty chest cold, the best and least expensive remedy for you is to put a half peeled onion in a jar right beside your bed, and in the morning you will certainly be a different person.



  • Baking Soda is often used for other ailments but strangely not many know it can be used as a simple gout remedy. One of the best things to do to ease the strong joint pain of gout is to is to mix 1/2 teaspoon baking soda with 0.24 liters (8 Oz) water and drink it all together. After a maximum period of 2 days, you will feel brand new.



Constipation has forever remained to be a distressing condition that makes victims dread having bowel movement. The pain, the bloated stomach and the unusual delays experienced when passing out stool has never been something to smile about.

  • Backstrap molasses is one of the most eminent remedies for constipation. Well, not many people know how efficient unsulphured backstrap molasses is in easing bowel movement or may view it as a bizarre and unusual cure for constipation, but time has proved it to be a very effective remedy for this disorder.


Bladder Spasms and Urinary Infections

Bladder spasms and urinary infections are some of the common ailments affecting people from all across the globe. Here are some unusual natural home remedies that you can use today to cure this problem completely.



  • Crataeva – This is one of the most effective natural herbs that has being proved to be very good at enhancing strength and tenacity of the bladder muscles. They also help to cure any infection in the urinary tract in a bid to ensure that urine flows normally.
  • Kegel Exercises – This refers to a group of bizarre and unusual physical exercises that not only help improve blood circulation but also promote the functionalism of the bladder. These exercises entail the use of unique vagina cone equipment that helps to strengthen vaginal muscles. It’s medically recommendable to carry out this bladder contraction exercises using this cone twice daily in order to achieve the full benefits.

These two bizarre yet very effective home remedies are the ultimate solutions to bladder spasms and urinary tract infections.



Got your fingers burnt while taking out a hot bowl from the oven? Are you worried that you may get blisters and scars. Don’t worry there are some bizarre and unusual yet effective home remedies for burns available.

  • Apply some mustard paste on the region. You will get instant relief from burning and your skin will be free of any blisters and scars.



Is your adolescent son or daughter suffering from an acne outbreak? Here’s a couple of easy home remedies for acne to try.

  • cucumberTake two teaspoons of cucumber juice and add a teaspoon of curd to it. Apply it on face. There no longer will be acne outbreaks and acne marks on the face.
  • Wash your face and rub the inside part of banana peel on acne. Your face will become soft and smooth if done regularly.


Blocked Nose

Blocked nose can cause a lot of discomfort. Tiny infants suffer a lot when their nose is blocked.

  • Take a soft cloth. Crush some camphor and crush them. Place them on the cloth and fold it. Tie this on the baby’s wrists. Little ones keep on bringing their fingers to their face. When they inhale the smell of camphor, they get relief from blocked nose. Camphor can be heated with coconut oil and applied on the baby’s chest to treat colds. You may also like to read home remedies for runny nose.


Feeling Cold?

Onions have a lot of medical properties.

  • Peel two onions and keep it under your armpit when you are feeling very a bit chilly. You will feel warm in a few minutes. Onion juice rubbed on scalp helps in regrowth of hair. Wearing onion pendant around a kid’s neck will help in prevention of common cold. How’s that for bizarre and unusual?



  • What is a remedy for sweating? Keeping a sliced potato under your arms prevents over sweating.

Some of the home remedies are not proved, but they have received a lot of positive testimonials. You can try harmless natural remedies and find if they are really effective or not.



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