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Why do people use natural remedies? Just watch some of these ground breaking and fascinating “must see” home remedies videos and health documentaries to see why. Many of the foods, medicines, and commodities of today are actually harmful and toxic, it is no wonder people are returning to safer, natural and holistic methods of health care.

The following home remedies videos and documentaries are a mixture of therapeutic, educational, eye-opening, and sometimes controversial health related documentaries, but will surely have you rethinking about what really is or isn’t good for our health.

The playlist directly below feature full length health related documentaries, the playlist below that has short home remedies videos.



The videos below are a collection from youtube of all the very best home remedies. There are over 200 short videos in this collection which have been chosen as the most informative and most likely to work. This collection covers everything from acne to yeast infections and there are plenty of awesome home remedies to choose from.


Playlist: Home Remedies


The above video players are playlists of many different videos. Press start and then use the next arrows at the bottom of the video screen to choose various videos to watch. You can also use the PLAYLIST button to browse all the videos at the top left of the screen.


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  1. Fabulous collection of documentaries, I do recommend everyone to view them. Absolutely altered my closed minded thinking. Watching these helped me to realize that most of us do not actually think outside the square at all.

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