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We appreciate that you are interested in contributing a home remedies guest article for our website I always look forward to accepting decent and exclusively written articles from a wide range of opinions which inform and encourage the readers to take action. If  you feel that you are adequately equipped to submit well written articles, go ahead and read this write up in its entirety. We especially are seeking qualified alternative health professionals or health based expert writing and research specialists to submit their work.

What Kind of Articles do we Accept?

The content on our website covers a wide scope of subjects which include:

  1. Alternative forms of medicine
  2. Natural health methods
  3. Home remedies
  4. Homeopathy
  5. Herbs
  6. Healing Foods


Ideally, all content that is handy and helpful to visitors who click on the website is welcome. That said, I also accept posts that give a fresh outlook to things as well as provide new and factual information. Just as long as the scope of such articles is within the parameters that are mentioned above. If you would like to get an idea regarding what a good topic to write about is you can peruse the health conditions tab to get a few ideas. Once you are sure that you are fit for the task, you may go ahead and reach me by sending me copies of work that you have done before. The form that you need to fill out is right at the foot of the web page. You may also use the standard contact form to reach me.


Before you click submit for your home remedies guest article to be considered, ensure that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Any home remedies guest article submitted to should be in line with the topics that have to do with the readership we offer.
  • Submitted posts are not a guarantee that they will get published. Once you submit your articles, they are subject to a review and if they are of benefit to the website readers then there is a high chance that they will be published.
  • All posts and write ups have to be strictly original. They should be of high quality and should not have been published in other online forum. The content contained in the posts should not have any material that infringes on any copyright laws be it in form of images or texts
  • Once a post is posted in It cannot be posted again anywhere on the internet. That includes your personal blog, or as a guest post on another blog.
  • Guest posts cannot contain information about a product or service that you are selling or marketing.
  • Guest posts should not contain affiliate, commercial or self serving links. We are not swapping information for links. Any inappropriate links will be removed.
  • Information on a guest post should not include any defamatory content and should not be aimed towards tarnishing any organization or individual.
  • Writers who show a diligent interest in as a website will always get preference. Those who write with a feel that directs readers to check out their website, link or product won’t be accepted. In the same way, articles that lean a lot on SEO and PR won’t be accepted.
  • Including photos and pictures is encouraged. Please keep your image size to under 60kb. If you get the photo from a source make sure that you accredit the source. If your article is long, you may use more than one picture. Good sources for pictures include Flickr and Creative Commons.
  • Keep the guest posts within the word count of 450-1000 words.
  • Ensure that the tone of your posts is always professional and at the same time friendly. Bear in mind the audience that you are writing for. They are all different.
  • Make sure your home remedies guest article is easy to read by the use of simple words, lists, bullets and short paragraphs.
  • Go over and beyond to ensure that you use good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Work that needs a lot of proof reading will be discarded.
  • I encourage you to include a link to an authority site of the topic content within the body of your article. If there are any links in your article, ensure that they are valid, provide value to the reader and admissible. If they are not, they will be removed from your post and you will not be informed on the same. The same goes for links that are not working. This includes your bio.
  • Any comments left in your submitted article should be answered by you.
  • I request that the writer adds a short bio at the bottom of their post. Just a short one of 70 words or less. Please provide your full name, and also a link to your Google plus page or similar author authentication page so readers can identify you as the registered writer. Please also provide an image of yourself as the author. This really helps with authenticity.
  • We at do not offer any form of compensation in terms of money at this particular moment.
  • Once your article is published, please promote it on your own site, share it on facebook, twitter and google plus one.. Let people know it’s there! This will help us both.


The inclusion of these guidelines is not meant to regulate your creativity. They are in place to converge all guest posts posted on the site. Writers who strive to meet these requirements are likely to have their articles published. If your article is approved for submission, it usually takes 2-7 days for your post to be published on the site. If you ask a query I.e. suggest an idea for a quest post, I will review it and then contact you if I have interest in pursuing it further. If you do not get a response on such a query within a week, it’s safe for you to conclude that I did not deem it good enough content for my readers. That said, I may not inform you on the exact date your post will be published but I do my best to inform you the day your post is published. If you have read and understood these guidelines and are interested to submit your post, please send it via email to On the subject line, include “Home Remedies Guest Article”.


Also provide this information:

  • URL’s of any links within the article
  • Your names in full
  • The title of your post
  • The body of your guest post
  • Attachment of any images (not a must)
  • A brief bio including your link and your author ID image.
  • Your Google+ url
  • Any target keywords


All genuine questions and concerns will be addressed promptly. You may submit your inquiries from the contact us page.


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