Caraway Seed Plie
Caraway – Health Benefits and Information
January 23, 2013 Medicinal Plants and Herbs

Caraway Seed Plie


The Romans adored the Caraway plant for this reason – when you chew it, it disguises the alcohol smell in your breath! Amazing, isn’t it? However, there is more to this plant than just disguising a drinking session. Truth is, it has a lot of medicinal benefits. Even the seeds of this plant have a long list of benefits according to the UNP website.


Caraway Plants growing


The Caraway plant has been present for 5,000 years and more. It is native to Egypt and other Mediterranean countries. It grows in sunny dry places. It has a spicy flavor, that is why some culinary experts use it in oriental dishes in places like India and Mexico.

Caraway Benefits


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  • Caraway, though not so common, is actually available in drugstores as supplements. Also, this is one of the few medicinal plants that can actually be used in veterinary medicine.
  • This plant is very popular to people who experience digestive ailments such as dyspepsia and colic.
  • It is considered as an anti-inflammatory and intestinal diuretic. It stimulates the appetite and makes the digestion process easier. See our page on Gas and Flatulence Remedies.
  • It also makes the immune system of the body stronger and fights viruses that bring cough, and makes a great remedy for colds and flu.
  • Caraway may also be used to get rid of intestinal worms in babies and pregnant women.


Administering Caraway Solution

You can easily make an infusion by taking 2 teaspoons of Caraway seeds and mixing them in a cup of boiling water. Leave the solution for 15 minutes and administer this before every meal. This is great for children who easily lose appetite.

For poultices, simply warm seeds and place it in clean gauze and apply it on the stomach area of children who have intestinal worms or other digestive ailments.

There are also Caraway powders available that you can mix with honey to stimulate digestion and work against diarrhea and other digestive ailments.



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