Looking at Herbal Remedies

natural herbal remedies

natural herbal remedies


Herbal remedies are very widely used to cure many ailments and disorders with the use of herbal and natural ingredients.

These remedies are very effective in treating and preventing from mild issues like bee sting, headache or toothache to severe health issues like liver disease, kidney disease or even cancer. These remedies are often used as ‘home remedies’ or ‘alternative treatment’ to cure an illness with conventional medications however these can be used without other treatments as well to avoid serious adverse effects of conventional medication.

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Natural Remedies


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‘Natural remedies’ are one of the oldest forms of medications for various ailments. Natural ingredients like plant extracts, roots and herbs are used in medications however supplements can also be used to treat ailments. These ‘natural remedies’ are very effective, strong and do not cause side effects if they are used carefully after consultation with doctor.

Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, green tea, turmeric, flax seed, black cohosh, valerian, chamomile, licorice, ginger, tea tree and garlic are some of the very strong ingredients used to cure various ailments including cancer or even Alzheimer’s disease. The aim of home remedies using herbal and natural ingredient is to strengthen the immunity system and overall well-being.

  • Side effects – ‘Herbal remedies’ work very well without causing any side effects if they are used carefully. Also, side effects of ingredients used in ‘natural cures’ are very low and can be easily avoided or minimized with proper dosages based on the diagnosis, medical history and other medications used by a person.
  • Effectiveness – ‘Natural cures’ very effectively treat and prevent illnesses ranging from a minor to major diseases. For example, natural ingredients like black cohosh is extremely beneficial in menopause symptoms, Ginkgo biloba prevents Alzheimer’s diseases and garlic cures inflammation which is very helpful in gout remedies and rheumatoid arthritis. Also, most of the natural ingredients help in detoxification which strengthens liver cells.
  • Convenience – These remedies often use ingredients used at home for cooking or can be very easily bought from the supermarket to be used for ‘home treatments’. Usually, supplements or natural ingredients are not very expensive especially as compared to the conventional medications and treatments. Also, it is a lot easier to use such ‘remedies’ because most of them are used as a part of the dietary plan.
  • Long term benefits – ‘Herbal remedies’ may feel milder form of medication or have a long healing process however they have long term benefits because they do not cause any side effects or worsen the medical condition.

These remedies are a great solution for chronic illnesses however proper guidance and supervision for such remedies are very important to avoid any adverse effects.

  • Interactions – Many natural and herbal ingredients like ginkgo biloba, green tea or others may interact with medications and cause side effects. It is very important to consult with the doctor before using these remedies. Also, usage of herbal ingredients depend on medical history of a person. For example, green tea works very effectively in weight loss process however it may not be suitable for people taking insulin because it can further lower the sugar levels. Similarly, black cohosh and valerian can enhance the sedative effect on the body when taken with anti-depressants.
  • Irritation – Some natural ingredients are very strong and may cause irritation, nausea or inflammation. Ingredients like tea tree oil is very strong and it should be diluted before use because it may cause skin irritation than curing any inflammation. On the other hand, over dosage may also cause adverse effects making it crucial to consult with the doctor before use.


Closing Thoughts

‘Herbal remedies’ are very safe and effective when they are used properly. Risks of side effects are relatively low however a remedy should be stopped if it causes serious side effects. Doctor can help with proper dosages and potential risk factors depending on the medical history, medications, age, gender and the severity of the illness.

Herbal medicine is most often used to aid and reduce the dependability on the conventional treatment. Many ‘homeopathic remedies‘ use herbs and natural ingredients in medicines as well. ‘Home remedies’ using herbs and natural ingredients or supplements are often used as a part of the dietary plan and with conventional medication however dosage may vary depending on the severity of the illness. Also, the effects of the remedies vary on different people depending on their symptoms and severity of the illness.


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