Mistletoe – More than Just Your Christmas Plant!
January 24, 2013 Medicinal Plants and Herbs


Mistletoe is one plant that has a great history behind it. According to European folklore, a mistletoe is considered a magical symbol of fertility and an aphrodisiac. In today’s time, mistletoe is still considered magical because of the fact of the many benefits it can offer!



Health Benefits of Mistletoe

As a medicinal plant, this is considered as an antispasmodic, it stimulate the immune system and makes it stronger. People who suffer from respiratory related diseases like asthma, chronic

coughing and colds also benefit from this plant. It has a calming property that eases the tension in the bronchial area whenever a person experiences difficulty in breathing. Sipping the tea made from Mistletoe will instantly relieve a cough.

Some doctors who specialize in the cure of epilepsy also did some research and have proven that in some cases, the medicinal plant does help in curing it and its symptoms.

Other psychological related diseases such as hysteria and neurosis may be treated as well.

Women would be happy to know that mistletoe also contributes in easing uterine cramps.


The Relationship between Mistletoe and Cancer

mistletoe and cancer - meme

Cancer is brought about by the rapid multiplication of cancer cells. Mistletoe has cytostatic properties that suppress the spreading of cancer cells. A lot of alternative medicine experts make good use of mistletoe extract for cancer patients. This has also been proven to lower down the ill effects of chemotherapy.


Are there Any Side Effects We Should be Aware of?

Never use this herb without the advice of a doctor or oncologist most especially for cancer. One case during 2006 has promoted cancer cell growth instead of suppressing it. Some people may experience side effects such as difficulty in breathing, anaphylaxis, joint pain or even as worse as kidney failure if taken in huge doses. Thus, just like other medicinal herbs, always consult a specialist before using this. You may not know what could be good or bad for you most especially if you are taking some medications for a disease or diseases.



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