What is Catnip? – Another Important Herbal Remedy

In this article we will explain what catnip is, and discuss its health benefits, what it is used for and dosage measures.


Catnip-Nepeta cataria

Catnip-Nepeta cataria


As many different disorders arise, several synthetically prepared medications are made available all over the world. Although proven and effective, these medications may cause certain side effects to humans as they are mainly derived from chemicals and unnatural materials. Also, some disorders are said to be unmanageable by the use of drugs, especially when the person’s condition is severe or when the person has developed tolerance to the drug. Due to these reasons, the use of medicinal plants or naturally-prepared medications has dominated the market. One of the well-known therapeutic herbs used today is a perennial plant known as Catnip.

What Is It?

Catnip is among the medicinal plants which belong to the mint family. It is otherwise termed as catswort or catsmint because of its capacity to make cats “high”. The herb is widespread in Europe and North America and has been imported to several other countries. It has also been used historically for treatment of several conditions.


The Wide-ranging Medicinal Benefits Of Catnip

Catnip herbs are highly famous not just for their effects on cats, but for their human medicinal value. Medical benefits of the herb are as follows:


-Anti Anxiety Effects: Essential oils of Catnip are known to be mainly composed of Nepetalactone. Nepetalactone is a compound known for its mild hallucinogenic or sedative effects. The flower of the herb is usually made into a tea and users of Catnip have reported that it provides relaxing and soothing effects. It also induces sleep, thus serving as a home remedy for insomnia.


-Anti Spasmodic Effects: The plant is also known as a home remedy to digestive problems as it relaxes the gastro intestinal tract in cases of spasms.


-Anesthetic and Pain reliever: Chewing a leaf of Catnip has shown to be effective as a mild anesthetic. It also decreases menstrual pains and gum aches. Reports have shown that it decreases pain in arthritis when crushed leaves are directly applied on the painful joints.


-Anti fever and Diuretic: Some studies have shown that the herb can be a home remedy for reducing fever. It also helps to increase urination in cases of kidney problems and urinary dysfunctions and can be used as a home remedy for kidney stones.


-Anti inflammatory: The herb has shown positive effects on decreasing swelling of tissues and joints as in the cases of arthritis, soft tissue injuries and therefore is a good home remedy for hemorrhoids.


Effective Preparations And Dosages

Catnip has been used in the manufacture of capsules, tablets and liquid solutions. Dried Catnips can also be brewed for tea while some smoke dried catnip with the belief that it decreases occurrences of respiratory disorders such as cough and colds.

Dosages generally depend on the condition it will be used for, the person’s age and general well being.


Possible Side Effects

When used within recommended doses, the herb does not generally cause serious side effects as it is natural. It can be used safely under the discussed conditions. However, when taken by mouth in high does, it may cause vomiting and headache.

To conclude, like other effective herbal remedies, there are not much scientific studies proving the efficacy of Catnip. Nonetheless, according to the many Catnip users and herbal experts, Catnip is a successful home remedy that has been used for several ailments through the years. With this in mind, you must still remember the importance of seeking professional advice from your physician before taking any medicinal treatments.



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