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Burdock is a plant which has many medicinal properties and it can be found throughout Asia and Europe.

Sometimes the root will be used as food by people, because it’s sweet and also has a gummy consistence. On the other hand, it can also be used in order to prepare medicine alongside with its seeds and leafs.

Over the years, Burdock has been used as a herbal treatment in order to treat throat pain, certain viruses (like cold for instance), tonsillitis, arthritis and measles, but it also acts as a diuretic.In our modern times, Burdock is used in oncology and it has also proven to be effective for treating a series of more serious health problems.

Even though many people call it this way, it also is known by many other denominations, like: Cocklebur, Arctium tomentosum, Bardane Comestible, Arctium lappa, Bardane Géante and many more.

The Reasons People Take Burdock

It has been proven that by taking it, people will be able to reduce their fever, kill germs, increase urine flow and eventually “purify” their blood. Some other diseases it boasts to measure effective results with number are: Psoriasis, Acne, Syphilis complications, Bladder infections, Gout, Rheumatism, Gastrointestinal complains, Anorexia nervosa, Cancer, and Colds.

In many cases Burdock is also used by doctors in order to alleviate high blood pressure, liver disease and also arteriosclerosis, while some people just use it in order to increase their sex drive. Even though it has so many beneficial effects, in some cases Burdock has been connected to poisonings because some products got contaminated with root deadly nightshade or simply, belladonna.


The Way It Works

The chemicals in Burdock are very effective when it comes to alleviating inflammation and bacteria. In the past people would use the seeds of Burdock in order to create mixtures which would be very effective home remedies for gout, rheumatism, psoriasis, eczema, acne, ulcers, cleansing the bloodstream and many more. They would do so by compressing the seeds. In India and Russia people used Burdock for its cancer curing properties, while the Chinese used it not only for treating impotence and barrenness, but also as an aphrodisiac.


Active Ingredients

There are several active ingredients that make Burdock effective for treating plenty of diseases and skin problems and they are: Taraxoterol, Tanning, Resin, Potassium, Polyacetylenes, Mucilage, Lactone, Inulin, Iron, Flavonoids, Essential oils, Chlorogenic acid, Calcium, and Arcigen.

The herb’s seeds contain fatty acids, while the oil can be used as a diaphoretic, leading to an increase in perspiration that eventually helps the body cleanse itself from harmful elements and toxins. According to the beliefs of traditional healers, diaphoretics are mandatory in order to treat liver disorders, gallbladder, influenza and in order to aid the kidneys and thus help with purifying the blood.
There are many places in the world where the Burdock root is consumed as a vegetable. It has plenty of nutrients, like beneficial oils, inulin, iron and so on. Moreover it can be used as a mild laxative and it helps with eradicating the uric acid. Burdock contains some other active ingredients, namely polyacetylenes which are very well known for having massive antifungal and antibacterial effects. It also helps with enhancing the function of many organs which in turn will help with purifying the body and eliminating waste or toxins (some examples being the colon, the liver, the kidneys, etc). Because of this, the individual’s overall health is improved dramatically and some disorders are corrected this way.


Using Burdock

It’s true that this herb can be easily obtained as an ingredient in pills, ointments, pills and teas and because it’s a potent diuretic, it can safely be used externally, internally and as food. But before people will try to consume it, it’s vital they will ensure the herb is pure. There were some cases of intoxicated patients due to some allegedly toxic properties of burdock used to make tea. A lot of research has been done in regards to these cases and it was later on discovered that the root was actually contaminated. That is why it’s very important to check the purity and source of the Burdock root before using it.

Traditional herbalists recommend between two and four milliliters of burdock root tincture per day. When it comes to the dried root preparation in capsule forms, there are some professionals who recommend one or two grams to be taken 3 times per day. Last but not least, plenty of herbal preparations combine the burdock’s root with other herbs in order to improve efficiency and those herbs are cleavers or yellow dock.


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