Five Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy – Tips for the Pregnant Woman

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With these pregnancy tips (and sacrifices) your pregnancy and baby can be very healthy

Now that you are pregnant, you will hear it again and again: “You’re eating for two”.  But let’s not forget that one of those two, for the majority of the pregnancy, only weighs a few ounces to a few pounds.

The other thing to remember is that you are not only eating for two, you are also living for two, and you want those two to be as healthy as possible.




Follow These Healthy Pregnancy Tips for a Healthy Baby


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The Five Steps


  • Don’t go on a diet, but eat a healthy diet. When you are pregnant is not the time to decide you want to lose weight. You have to gain weight for your baby to have enough to eat, and to allow for his own weight. But it doesn’t mean that, since you are going to be round anyway, that you should allow all of your indulgences to take over. The good thing is that, as you worry about your child’s health, you will take care of your own, by eating lots of fresh vegetables, avoiding excess meat and fat and drinking plenty of water instead of soda.
  • Stop smoking. This is really a no brainer, and many, many women have used this critical period, when it is so dangerous for the fetus if a woman smokes, to turn her own life around and stop smoking altogether. Smoking during pregnancy stunts the baby’s growth in general, and lung development in particular, can present heart problems and, for reasons only theorized so far, the umbilical cord is wrapped around the neck of babies of smoking women more than for non smokers. Finally, if you can give up smoking for nine months, you can give it up forever and reduce the chances of diseases like chronic sinusitis and even cancer.
  • Stop drinking. Even small amounts of alcohol can endanger a tiny fetus.  If you even think you may be pregnant, you should avoid drinking since the early stages of development can be affected by alcohol.  Never forget that what you consume goes almost directly into the system of your unborn child. A six ounce glass of wine, for a fetus that weighs less than a pound, is probably equivalent to a couple of bottles of wine for you.
  • Exercise for two. One of the best ways to combat fatigue during pregnancy is actually to get more exercise.  You need to stimulate your circulatory system and oxygenate your lungs and muscles more than ever, now that you are carrying extra weight, parts of which may be pressing on the veins and arteries in your upper legs. Daily exercise also prevents pregnancy depression, since your body image is improved with the efforts you are making.
  • Take your prenatal vitamins. It is no coincidence that infants born in developed countries are healthier than those in underdeveloped countries: prenatal supplements. A baby takes a lot out of a woman, and it is difficult to know if you are replacing all of the vitamins and minerals in your diet. Prenatal vitamins are specifically formulated to ensure that your body is receiving the right supply of those nutrients necessary for the healthy development of the baby, and to protect your health. Also see prenatal vitamins for hair growth for you and your baby.


Five simple steps to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby – aren’t they worth it?

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Author: Mary Thompson

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  1. For God’s sake, stop drinking and smoking when you are pregnant! The statistics in my country are appalling for children born with health conditions caused from the mother indulging in an unhealthy lifestyle when pregnant. When will people learn?

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    • I agree with you Jane. It is not a good start to motherhood is it?

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