Quit Smoking Timeline – The Benefits from Stopping Cigarettes

There are a lot of benefits if you quit smoking which you can measure by reading the timeline we put together so you can see stage by stage just how much better off you will be once you quit the habit and finally stop smoking for good.
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Smoking is a very unhealthy and addicting habit. Because it is so addicting, it can be very hard to quit and that makes it much more life hazardous. If you are wanting to gain some control over your life by quitting smoking, you should know that it is possible to do. Here is what you need to know about the benefits of letting go of this habit and how your body will react to quitting smoking. See timeline further down this page.


How You Will Benefit from Quitting a Smoking Habit




There are many ways that your body will be benefited when you stop smoking. The main benefit is being a much more healthy version of yourself! Some of the ways that you will be much more happy and healthy when you stop smoking are:


  • Benefit #1: No more Smell-
    It’s not secret that smoking leaves an awful smell in the air, on your breath and on your clothes. You may not realize how bad the smoking smell is when you are doing it, but try spending some time around other smokers. Once you see how badly it smells on others, you will realize that it’s not pleasant which means that is what other people smell on you. When you quit smoking, you and every one around will feel better about your scent.
  • Benefit #2: No More Cough-
    When you quit smoking, you will find that you will have that awful cough anymore. All smokers have this cough and you may not really realize how bad the cough is until you stop. You won’t have to clear your throat every couple minutes and no more coughing during your meetings and other important parts of life.
  • Benefit #3: No More Yellow-
    Smoking is not just dangerous for your lungs, it’s also dangers for your teeth and skin. The cigarettes can cause your fingers to turn yellow along with your teeth. While this isn’t that dangerous for your skin, it is bad for your teeth. Your teeth will begin to deteriorate and that will affect your overall health.
  • Benefit #4: No More Tough Breathing-
    This is one of the best benefits for quitting smoking. You will not have anymore trouble breathing. You will be able to breath in and out without hearing any wheezing or coughing. Your lungs will be in much better shape and you won’t be putting yourself at risk for lung cancer any longer.


Quitting Smoking Timeline: What You can Expect after You Quit Smoking

  • 20 Minutes Later- Even twenty minutes after your last cigarettes, you will feel relief. Your blood pressure will start to normalize along with your pulse rate and body temperature.
  • 8 Hours Later- Your blood levels will start to return to normal and the nicotine level in your blood will begin to drop.
  • 24 Hours Later- Your lungs and heart begin to repair, greatly reducing your chances of a heart attack.
  • 48 Hours Later- Your sense of smell and your taste will begin to improve.
  • 2 Months Later- Your lungs begin to work much better as they are repaired. Your circulation is also improved as well. This is where you will start to notice that your cough has been dismissed and walking should be easier for you.
  • 6 Months Later- Your energy will begin to increase and your lungs can now fight off infection.
  • 1 Year Later- You have reduced your chances of a heart attack and lung infection by 50%.
  • 5 Years Later- Great reduction in chances and risks of cancer and heart disease.
  • 10 Years Later- Almost no risk of lung cancer and/or heart disease.
  • 15 Years Later- You will have the same risks of heart disease and lung cancer/infection of those who have never smoked before.


How to Quit Smoking

To truly stop a smoking habit, you are going to need a lot of willpower and control. There are a lot of things that you can do at home to stop a smoking habit and to find out more about what you need to do, follow the links provided below. Talk to your doctor about what you can do to quit smoking and what you may already be at risk for.

The following three links explain some of the methods people use as an effective aid to help quit smoking.


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