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Home Remedies For Thyroid Problems
January 22, 2014 Thyroid Disorders

This article has many home remedies for treating different types of thyroid problems and it also explains these each type and offers useful tips and advice. This is an important article as it addresses serious issues that are often overlooked yet very often the condition can easily be remedied if identified and treatments are applied. So read this article to the end so you gain a better understanding of thyroid disorders and you know what to do about it.


Thyroid system


Thyroid problems affect millions of people across the world. However, the real problem is that they are not even aware that they have these problems. Men and women develop thyroid problems when the thyroid gland does not function as it should. Various health issues occur when the thyroid hormone that this gland produces is too little or too much. The thyroid hormone, which is known as thyroxine, is essential for oxygen consumption and human growth, protein synthesis, regulating the temperature and for the maintenance of the stamina of the body.



Thyroid glands are a part of the endocrine system and they are responsible for the production of thyroid hormone. The glands appear in the shape of a butterfly and they are usually located on the front region of the trachea just below the larynx. The hormones produced by these glands include triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxin (T4) which are responsible in the regulation of fats, proteins and carbohydrates metabolism. There are a few thyroid conditions that you should be aware of.


Thyroid Hormone Synthesis


Common Thyroid Disorders



This condition results in slowing down of body’s metabolism and this may lead to depression, weakness and fatigue. The main cause of this condition is damage to the thyroid glands or as a result of infections such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. It may also result from the treatments aimed at other conditions for example after undergoing radiation treatment for cancer.






This is a condition in which thyroid glands produces excess of thyroid hormone. Considering the fact that thyroid hormone helps to boost metabolism, when it is in excess, every process in the body appears to move too fast for example heartbeat, excessive sweating, weight loss and so on. Hyperthyroidism can be caused by diseases such as Grave’s diseases and also growth on the glands i.e. nodules.


Thyroid cancer




This is rare condition and when it appears, the patients survival rates are also very high. Any swelling on the glands should be checked early enough because just like any other form of cancer, treatments are effective when the condition is detected early. During the treatment, the thyroid glands part affected by cancer is removed. Due to the fact that this condition seems to recur after some time, it is important for these patients to be closely monitored by a physician.


Thyroid gland

Other thyroid problems- Benign Thyroid Nodules, Goiter and Thyroiditis

When you have a damaged gland, you can experience many symptoms such as muscle aches, depression, hair loss, chills, weakness, fatigue, weight loss or weight gain and many more.

Fortunately, you can stay healthy by treating these symptoms using the following home remedies.


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Home Remedies

1. Spirulina

This is a form of blue-green algae that you can use to cure your thyroid problems. It is a good thyroid regulator and health booster. A sea weed, which is known as the Kelp, together with Spirulina are rich in iodine. Hence, the thyroid gland needs them very much. Many products that contain this wonderful herb are available in the market. You can therefore buy them from your local herbal store if you prefer having them natural. Alternatively, you can find them in capsules.


2. Minerals and Vitamins

These are vital for the health of your thyroid. Minerals such as calcium, neodymium, zinc, thulium, copper, terbium, and manganese iron help your metabolism to function properly. Essential vitamins help in the healing of any malfunction in your thyroid and in effect, they help it to function properly. Vitamin B complex can help you to treat your thyroid problems if you take it regularly. It can also help in preventing other minor ailments if you take it on a regular basis. You can also take Vitamin B complex as pills. This group does not only rejuvenate your body and provide immunity but it also helps in improving cellular oxygenation. You can also be assured of having a healthy thyroid if your body has a good supply of these minerals and vitamins.


3. Herbs

These are among the most commonly used home remedies for curing thyroid problems. Many people have been using them for many years and some of them are still using them more than they use medications. Natural herbs have no side effects and hence, they work better as compared to chemically made ones. In addition, they do not cause any harm to the internal organs such as the liver. Some of the herbs that you can use to treat your thyroid problems include Siberian ginseng, Bladder wrack, agnus cactus, lemon balm, and black cohosh. Siberian ginseng is the most useful for your thymus and adrenal glands. It is therefore also vital for supporting thyroid health.



4. A healthy diet

It is also important for you to have a healthy diet because it helps in keeping your thyroid glands fit. The type of thyroid problem that you have will largely determine the diet that you should have. You should eat foods that will activate your glands if the thyroxin that they produce is little. You should also eat stimulants because they can be good for such a problem. However, you should eat foods that will help in lessening the activity in your glands if the thyroxin that they produce is too much. You should eat food that contains vitamin A such as dark green leafy vegetables, carrots and eggs because they are thyroid boosters. You should consult your doctor so that you can know the other foods that you should eat out of the different food groups.




Thyroid Assist




5. Regular exercise

You do not only gain weight when you do not exercise but you also develop underlying health issues such as thyroid problems. Exercise helps you to lose weight and in effect, resolve these problems. It is therefore a good way of helping in their treatment. All the aforementioned home remedies cannot be effective if you do not support them with appropriate body activity such as exercise. You will help in the healing of any illnesses by performing your daily activities in a vigorous manner for a few minutes each day. A moderate exercise program will help you to achieve optimal health without the need to use drugs. Hence, you should incorporate it in your daily life.

Due to the fact that most drugs are expensive and will come coupled with side effects, it would be necessary to look for natural remedies. Other natural remedies that can be used includes; acupuncture, seaweed, amino acids, dietary adjustments and estrogen balancing supplements.

The aforementioned home remedies for thyroid problems are cheaper and affordable. You should therefore adopt them if you have thyroid problems. In addition, you should complete your Ehic Renewal so that you can access affordable medical attention in case they do not work for you.



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