Blue-Green Algae – Effectiveness of this Wonderful Medicinal Algae




Blue-green algae can be described as the plant organisms that are commonly found in volcanic lakes. It survives well in environments with a sunny climate.

They are mostly in the form of phylum of bacteria that energizes itself through photosynthesis. It is known for its application as natural cures and home remedies for most of the common ailments and disorders. It contains high levels of chlorophyll and phycocyanin elements which facilitates its blue- green color. It is considered as a powerful source of vital nutrients thus making it excellent as a complete natural nutritional supplement.

 Other Names

Other names that are used in reference to blue-green algae are cyanobacteria, platensis, aeruginosa and spirulina among others. It is used as a staple food in some countries like Chad in Africa. It consists of a wide range of nutrition which includes vitamins and minerals. It is rich in folic acid, beta-carotene, omega 3 and omega 6 among others. It is also said to be highly rich in proteins and amino acids. In respect of this, besides being used as food, many people have adopted its use in prevention and cure for many disorders. These are discussed later in this article.

Elizabeth Walling, who is the popular columnist in, was noted for supporting the use of Blue-green algae. She noted that it is what every human needs as a natural cure for common ailments. It is important to note that more than three quarters of degenerative health challenges are brought about by insufficient nutrients in the body. With blue-green algae, home remedies for these challenges are at your disposal. It increases physical energy, facilitates healthy sleep, controls weight gain naturally and boosts the immune system. In addition to this, it is linked to boosting mental clarity and helps in increasing levels of concentration.


Health Benefits

Several reliable reports have been made concerning blue-green algae on its cure for common health challenges. Note that it can be used as a home remedy where you may not need the prescription and direction of physician or professional dietician. Some of its health benefits include:

There are other health benefits that are associated with the consumption of blue-green algae. These include increased metabolism, fast wound treatment and memory improvement among others. These challenges exist as a result of poor diet. The sufficient supply of necessary nutrients in the body helps in addressing these ailments and disorders.

Blue-green algae can be found in form of powder and capsules. They are used commonly as diet supplement since they may not be available in sufficiency because they are expensive. However, the benefits outweigh the essence of cost by far.


Risks And Side Effects

There are some risks associated with consumption of blue-green algae. It is said that it contains toxins and heavy metals. Overdose of the supplement can cause gastrointestinal effects and breakouts in human skin. Most of the cited benefits are not supported by medical research though people rely on testimonials from other users.



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