Osteoporosis – Definition,Types and Treatments

If you think that osteoporosis affects seniors alone, think again. This disease can strike at any age and is actually considered as a huge threat to public health because of its prevalence; affecting approximately 44 million people. Pore over the following write-up and learn more about this malady.

Osteoporosis Definition


Osteoporosis in old woman

Osteoporosis definition explains that the disease weakens the bones, making them porous and more susceptible to fractures. It often affects the wrist, spine and hip bones but can affect any bones in the human body. A patient suffering from this ache has reduced amounts of calcium, a nutrient which provides support to the bones, which can be attributed to old age, poor diet or other diseases.


There are three types of this affliction;

  1. Postmenopausal Type: This type affects women who have hit menopause but there are a few cases of this type affecting men of the same age. It is characterized by changes in vertebrae column which lead to severe pain that may be caused by fractures.
  2. Senile Type: This type often affects people who are 75 years and above. Its main cause is old age and is characterized by frequent hip fractures.
  3. Secondary Type: This type of the blight is caused by endocrine diseases, systemic diseases or different drug therapies. Endocrine diseases include diabetes and hyperthyroidism while the systemic ones include leukemia and other malignant afflictions, while the drug therapies are anticonvulsants and corticosteroids.


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Natural Remedies for Osteoporosis

Once diagnosed, you can adopt several measures that can help your body to combat this disorder. Such measures include taking food stuff rich in vitamin D and calcium. While increasing the consumption of green vegetables, decrease the intake of meat to prevent your bones from being hollow. Equally important, steer away from caffeinated drinks, because they prevent the absorption of calcium.

Alongside a healthy diet, make sure you do mild weight bearing exercises such as jogging, walking and lighting weight. These exercises strengthen your bones and the keep the blight at bay.

People who smoke and those who consume alcohol are at a high risk of contracting this disease. It’s therefore important that you stop smoking and minimize the consumption of alcohol. Additionally, you should consult your doctor before using any natural home remedy for osteoporosis.

An individual struggling with this aching has actually lowered supplies of calcium, a vitamin that gives reinforcement to the cartilages, that are associated to seniority, poor diet plan or various other ailments. If you don’t acquire sufficient calcium in your dietary plan, don’t forget to utilize a health supplement to serve to prevent weak bones. Nearly all of us don’t come near to achieving the advised sufficient intake. Our calcium demand changes all through our daily lives.

An adequate consumption, as recommended from the Institute of Medicine of the National School of Technology, is thirteen hundred mg for young women and boys ages 9 to 18; one thousand milligrams for men and women ages 19 to 50; and 1,200 mg for those beyond FIFTY. Since with growing older the body by natural means reduces some of its capability to take in the nutrient, the usage for older grownups is a bit more.


Here are the Best Home Remedies for Treating Osteoporosis



  1. Milk: When it comes to robust bones, realizing sufficient calcium is a requisite. 1 cup of milk may give 300 mg of the 1,000 to twelve hundred mg of calcium the authorities suggests you realize each day.
  2. Figs: This Mediterranean pleasure is crammed with calcium. Sardines and Salmon: The pair of these scrumptious sea foods are topped with calcium, and salmon is also full of necessary vitamin D.
  3. Yogurt: The lactose, or sucrose, within natural yogurt, has normally been inculcated, so even many individuals who are lactose intolerant can enjoy it and get the benefits of the immense calcium material. Devour it beside fresh fruit or replace sour cream for it, in dishes. Add plain natural yoghurts for half the mayo in dressings.
  4. Margarine: Rub a teaspoon of low trans oily margarine on your toast as a fix of vitamin D. Vitamin D assists the human body absorb calcium, a needed ingredient to keep the bones healthy.
  5. Apples: Boron is a trace mineral that boosts your anatomy hold on to calcium– the building block of bones. It indeed acts as a moderate estrogen alternative, and relinquishing estrogen is instrumental in speeding up bone tissue deficit. Boron is seen within apples and various other fruits which include pears, grapes, dates, mangos, and raisins. It’s also within nuts such as peanuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.
  6. White Vinegar: A splash of white vinegar helps to build strong bones and cartilages. It also helps to absorb calcium from calcium rich foods like fresh green salads, so you ought to make it your new preferred dressing!
  7. Banana: Snack on a banana a day to build your bones. Studies have recently found that women who have diet plans high in potassium likewise have better bone tissues in their backbones and hip bone. Experts think it is linked with potassium’s ability to help keep blood balanced and in a healthy condition so the human body won’t need to draw calcium right from the skeletal frame to help keep blood up to par.
  8. Groundnut Butter: A recent assessment of researches on nourishment and weakening of bones identified that magnesium was a key component to enhancing, maintaining, and restoring bone tissues. FIFTY milligrams of magnesium is equal to eating 2 tablespoons of groundnut butter.
  9. Broccoli: Snack on some fresh broccoli to get your daily quota of vitamin K. Studies are finding that postmenopausal females with lower levels of this critical vitamin are most likely to have weakening of bones.
  10. Leafed Green Vegetables: Romaine lettuce, green spinach, silver beet, and kale are pretty good options.
  11. Orange Juice: Grab a bottle of orange juice to obtain your vitamin C. Crucial for the physical body procedures that reconstruct bones, receiving plenty of vitamin C is critical to stopping weak bones. Take some calcium-fortified OJ and you will be getting a healthy dose of strengthening vitamins and minerals.
  12. Pineapple Juice: Take a cup of pineapple juice and give your body a bit of manganese. Investigations are realizing that manganese deficiency is a forecaster of osteoporosis. Other manganese forms are porridge, caryopsis, beans, grains, green spinach, and herbal tea.
  13. Tofu: Soya is showing potential as a possible bone tonic. Soy products contains healthy proteins that imitate a weak oestrogen from the human body. These phytoestrogens, or plant-based oestrogen’s, could assist women restore bone health.


Herbs for treating osteoporosis naturally.


Awesome homeopathic remedy for healthy bones!





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