Creating a Therapeutic Bathroom

Remedy to Enhance Your Living Space and Benefit Overall Health

Ensuring there is an area in your home which helps relaxation is a fantastic way of allowing your mind and body sufficient time to unwind on a regular basis.

therapeutic bathroom

therapeutic bathroom


The stress of a long day’s work or contending with children can be extremely strenuous on your mind and body, and by allowing it to build up the effects can begin to have a serious impact on your day to day life.

One room in your home that has masses of potential when it comes to relaxing and helping users to simmer down is the household bathroom; some of the spa-like features created for use in this room can contribute massively towards a revitalized mind and healthier body. Consider the following spa bathroom ideas.

The ‘Spa Treatment’

Treating yourself to some ‘me time’ now and again is very important, combine this with some pampering bathroom features and fixtures and you will have created the complete home spa experience.

If you are planning a complete overhaul of your bathroom or are simply looking to give it a luxurious addition, consider one of the following features, created to give wonderful health benefits. We think a relaxing spa bathroom truly is a great idea.


The Steam Cabin

Steam Cabin shower enclosures  can have a wide range of health benefits, and by simply taking a few relaxing sessions in the cubicle a week, you could benefit from: aid in weight loss (up to 300 calories per session), improved circulation, soothing and stimulation of tense, stressed muscles, relief from pain and discomfort of arthritis, help with respiratory problems, a good asthma home remedy and nourishment and detoxification of the skin!

The steam cabin stands as a larger-than-most shower enclosure, with the added benefit of steam-dispensing fittings inside the unit. Most come with a convenient seat built into the enclosure to allow inhabitants to casually relax and enjoy their session, making the unit great for elderly and disabled users too.


The Whirlpool Tub

Taking a well-deserved soak in any bathtub is certainly a good way of easing and aiding the repair of tense and overworked muscles. If you are looking to further this experience and get the most from your allotted bath time however, consider adding a fantastic whirlpool bath to your bathroom. The pressurized jet function massages sore and damaged muscles, creating a relaxing, stimulating sensation that is sure to ease muscle pain, relieve chest congestion, aid blood flow and wash away the stress of the day.


Luxurious Extras

Treat yourself to some luxurious bathroom products to ensure you get the most from your relaxing session; high quality face masks and moisturizers are sure to keep skin looking fresh and healthy, so if pampering is your cup of tea be sure to be generous with these! Strategically lay a few scented candles around the room to add the perfect finishing touch and prepare your mind and body for the perfect home therapy experience.

This piece was written by gym goer and home renovation enthusiast Daniel Travis – Brown, for more great tips and advice be sure to find Dan on Twitter @DanTravisBrown



Author: Daniel Brown

Daniel is a gym goer and home renovation enthusiast. Daniel Travis – Brown, for more great tips and advice be sure to find Dan on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

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