5 Ways to Instantly Feel Better – No Matter the Problem!


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Health, happiness and energy levels are both constant struggles for everyone – we all wish that we were more healthy than we are in some way, shape or form, we all want to be happier all of the time and of course we all wish we had more energy to spare throughout our days. But accomplishing one or all of these is where the real challenge comes in.

If you struggle like the rest of us to feel healthier, happier and more energized, you’ve found the right place, because here are 5 easy home treatments to feel better in those ways instantly. So next time you’re at your desk at work, and maybe you’ve eaten something bad for your last meal or you’re having a bad day, or maybe you’re feeling tired and unfocused, give these tips a try.

Do Something Nice for Somebody Else:



There’s nothing quite like a good, heartfelt laugh. Laughing is actually scientifically proven to make us feel better in general – there is a chemical in our body that is related to stress called cortisol. When we laugh, we are physically lowering the appearance of this chemical, making us feel happier and less stressed.

Plus, laughing is a good mini-workout for your heart and can help get the blood flowing to the brain. You’ll feel healthier, more energized and more light-hearted after a

good laugh – but make sure it’s not forced. You can’t force a real, good laugh.


Take A Walk Outside

Becoming more connected to nature will not only make you feel healthy, but it’ll give you a burst of energy that will seem to last for hours. There are scientists out there

called ecopsychologists who believe in and study the fact that human beings have some sort of innate need to be connected to their physical environments, and that connection is directly related to our overall health and well being.

These scientists study the negative ions in the air around certain environments, as the negative ions are the ones that give us energy. They find that more of them exist in areas that are directly near water or higher up in elevation, and that’s why people feel happiest on beaches or near lakes or rivers.

If you can’t get to a waterfront area, just taking a walk outside during work should help you feel more connected to earth. You’ll feel healthier and more energized in no time!


Listen to Your Favorite Song

Listening to music can be extremely therapeutic, and blasting your favorite tune in your ears at work will have a couple of different positive effects. First, listening to music releases a certain amount of endorphins, just like exercising would or seeing something that makes you really happy. These endorphins make you happy.

Plus, rocking out to your favorite song will probably make you want to get up and sing and dance – and please, don’t hesitate to do so! It will make you feel so much better all around, even if it means you have to lock yourself in the bathroom and dance quietly by yourself!


Take A Power Nap

If you’re feeling particularly tired and you can manage 20 minutes away from your desk, try to take a power nap of exactly that duration. If you nap for any longer, you’ll wake up feeling groggier than you did before you fell asleep. But napping for any less than that won’t do you any good, either. 20 minutes is that perfect number.

If you can’t squeeze in a nap, just take 5 minutes to close your eyes and practice some deep breathing techniques. Let your mind relax and let your body loosen up. You’ll open your eyes, even after just 5 minutes, feeling much better than you did before!


Pop Some Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has amazing mind and body healing properties. For starters, chocolate itself contains ingredients that release endorphins in your brain, which, of course, make you happy. It also contains just the right portions of tryptophan, which release seratonin in the brain that works as an anti-depressant to improve your mood.

On top of this, eating small amounts of dark chocolate every week can help lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health, plus it increases blood flow to the brain which improves your cognitive function, making you feel more alert and focused. With all of these health and mood benefits, if you’re feeling down for any reason, what’s stopping you from grabbing a little bite of some dark chocolate?


Emily Carmichael is a freelance writer who is always looking for new ways to stay energized and keep her spirits up throughout the day. She recently purchased some supplements from Premier Research Labs that should help keep her energy levels up even more and she’s excited to give them a try!

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Author: Emily Carmichael

Emily Carmichael is a freelance writer who is always looking for new ways to stay energized and keep her spirits up throughout the day.

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