Staying Healthy According To Top Nurses

Nurse knows best


Nurses work with a variety of patients everyday in order to treat illnesses and injuries that range from mild to life-threatening.

In the course of their work day, these nurses are able to make observations that allow them to learn the lifestyles and activities that can either prevent serious health problems or lead a person directly down the path to ill health and disease. Therefore, when it comes to knowing the best ways to stay healthy, top nurses are the people to ask. I am sure you will agree that the following natural health tips straight forward but vital.

 3 Secrets to Stay Healthy

The following three areas represent the top three secrets that nurses recommend for anyone who wants to stay healthy throughout their long life.


Preventative Care

Many people only go to the doctor when something hurts or has been broken. This can be because they are afraid of going to the doctor, or it could be that they claim that they do not have time.

However, nothing can be more heartbreaking for a nurse than to have a patient present with a health condition that could have been prevented with regular check-ups and ongoing care. Therefore, nurses recommend that people should take preventative care seriously and make it a priority in their personal health plan. By visiting the doctor regularly and taking routine tests, a person can find out about potential health problems early enough for them to be prevented.


Healthy Eating and Exercise

The importance of eating and exercise for a healthy body is often overlooked by many people.

While the benefits of eating healthy food are well-known, many people still prefer to eat fattening foods that can be detrimental to their heart’s health. Top nurses have witnessed the harmful effects of continuously eating unhealthy foods. On the other hand, they have also seen how a nutritional diet can contribute to healthy skin, hair, nails and other parts of the body. Not only is it important to eat right, but incorporating exercise into a person’s routine can also have a significant impact upon a person’s health.

Therefore, nurses recommend finding ways to work small amounts of exercise into a person’s health regiment.

For example, a three ten-minute sessions can be just as effective as a full thirty minute workout.


Kick Unhealthy Habits

The top nurses have also seen how a person’s unhealthy lifestyle will inevitably catch up to a person later in life. For example, smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol may make a person feel popular in social settings during their younger years. However, years of abusing the body can lead to serious health problems such as lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and heart disease. Additionally, addictions often will require a person to make continuous attempts to stay off of drugs and alcohol throughout their life. Nurses also know about the damage that unhealthy habits can do to a person’s appearance as smoking and drinking can also lead to premature aging.

Finally, nurses encourage people to engage in habits that make them happy as it is known that a positive outlook on life can have a significant impact upon how a person’s body avoids and overcomes illnesses and injuries.

Overall, top nurses are an excellent resource for learning about how to take better care of one’s body so that it will be possible to maintain optimum health for as long as possible. By listening to the advice of the top nurses and implementing their secrets into their life, a person can be certain to avoid the illnesses and injuries that can cut down a person’s life expectancy and their enjoyment of daily activities. Because everyone wants to make the most of their lives, it is important to follow the top three secrets to staying healthy every day of a person’s life.



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