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The body requires both minerals and vitamins in order to be healthy. However, some essential minerals are often neglected in the daily diet despite being fundamental in activating different body functions.

Magnesium constitutes one of the neglected nutrients as people unintentionally avoid them in the daily meals.

Magnesium aids the body to execute certain metabolic functions. It is also a home remedy for most medical conditions.

Magnesium Remedy for cramps:




Benefits, Home Remedies and Functions

Magnesium and vitamin D are required by the body in order to absorb calcium. Magnesium is therefore instrumental in building strong teeth and bones. Consumption of vitamin D, magnesium and calcium can reduce the effect of osteoporosis. It is a condition that leads to bone density loss.

Proper consumption of magnesium could prove vital in guarding against muscle stiffness and cramps in women. It achieves this through relaxation of the muscles. Magnesium supplements also help in curing fibromyalgia. The condition is characterized by tenderness, morning muscle stiffness and painful muscles.

Magnesium is required by the heart to sustain normal heart rhythm. It also prevents the blood clot formation within the heart’s blood vessels and stabilizes pressure levels of the blood. In addition, magnesium prevents cardiac related ailments and accelerates recovery of patients after cardiac arrest.

The metabolism of the carbohydrates in the body is complimented by presence of magnesium. There is general perception that stimulation of insulin secretion is done by magnesium. The major cause of type two diabetes is magnesium deficiency. The increase in magnesium consumption can normalize the sugar levels of blood in patients suffering from type two diabetes.

Major studies done at Massachusetts institute of technology have revealed that magnesium is the key factor in maintaining synapses plasticity. The function of synapses is to relay information between different neutrons within the brain. Synapses plasticity increases our learning capability and enhances brain memory. Depression, absentmindedness disorder and anxiety among people can be cured with proper consumption of magnesium.

Metabolic syndrome condition can be significantly reduced by adequate intake of magnesium. It consists of heart ailments and related disorders such as blood clotting, excess cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes.

Hemorrhoids are inflated veins in the rectum and anus caused by straining stool and constipation normally common during pregnancy. Magnesium is one of the home remedies for treating this condition. Magnesium supplement can be consumed with the correct quantity that corresponds to the age and weight and according to medical instruction prescribed on the magnesium bottle. One can begin with a little dosage and increase the amount intermittently with time. Magnesium controls this condition by softening the stool. However, consultation with the physician on the right quantity of magnesium to be consumed should be done. The amount of magnesium in the diet has no limitations.


Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium is very necessary in the chemistry of nucleic acid and cells in human beings. It is therefore a very y defining component in the health of a person. Although magnesium currently exists in major foods, recent studies suggest that significant percentage of the world pollution suffer from magnesium deficiency. The surplus magnesium from the diet can be filtered by the kidneys hence ruling out magnesium overdose from the natural diet.

Magnesium drives numerous metabolic reactions in the soft tissues of the body. It is responsible for the energy release from glycogen, variation of body temperature, coordinated functioning of muscles and nerves and manufacture of proteins in the body. Numerous types of mental disorders have been linked to magnesium deficiency in the body. Patients with agitation, hallucinations and depression have been found by doctors to be magnesium deficient. Lack of required quantity of magnesium in the body has also been tied to Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) in women. Studies have found out that the Magnesium levels in PMS patients are significantly lower than that of women without PMS condition. Gradual consumption of magnesium supplements led to significant weight gain, breast tenderness and decrease of nervousness. The magnesium deficiency is also witnessed in alcoholics because of reduction of minerals by alcoholic reaction.


Magnesium Sources

It is recommended that the daily intake of magnesium should be around 300mg every day. The common sources of essential magnesium are okra, dark green vegetables, black beans, cashew nuts, fish, sunflower seeds, molasses, wheat germ, soya beans, Brazil nuts, almonds and brown rice. The magnesium supplements can also be used but you have to strictly adhere to the physician’s instruction.


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