Iodine and its Amazing Health Benefits




Iodine is a trace mineral that plays an essential role in producing thyroid hormones. In order for the body to ensure a regular and healthy thyroid function, it needs a sufficient amount of iodine.

Natural sources of dietary iodine include seafood, such as fish, kelp and shellfish, dairy products such as milk, cheese and eggs and plants grown on iodine-rich soil. Most folk get enough daily iodine from iodized table salt which is fortified with iodine. See for more info.


Iodine Deficiency

Lesser or no amount of it can eventually lead into Iodine deficiency and can cause a variety of diseases and medical conditions such as Goiter, Hypothyroidism, poor perception level, abnormal gain weight, coarse skin, mental retardation and decreased fertility. Obviously, it is very vital that our body gets the proper amount of iodine to prevent these conditions, as well as to gain some of amazing health benefits such as the examples below.

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Health Benefits of Iodine


Healthy Pregnancy

healthy baby in wombIodine supplements are greatly helpful in ensuring a healthy pregnancy. A developing fetus inside the mother’s womb completely relies on her ability to produce thyroid hormone which essentially contributes in the development of the baby’s brain and thyroid function.

If the mother develops an iodine deficiency, the baby is most likely to acquire brain damages, mental retardation, speech difficulties and hearing problems.


Regulates and Controls Metabolic Rate

Because hormones are mainly responsible in controlling the metabolic rate of the body, the amount of iodine that the body is absorbing will also influence certain factors such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and body weight.


Healthy Teeth, Hair and Nails

Lack of iodine can also result into hair loss. It also affects the healthiness of the skin, hair and teeth.


Cancer Protection

According to recent studies, cancer cells can shrink when administered with iodine, therefore resulting into a lower risk of several cancers. It is also a necessary element that keeps the mammary glands healthy, in return preventing the development of tumors in breast tissues.


Removes Toxic Chemicals

Another amazing health benefit of Iodine is its ability to flush out harmful bacteria and chemical toxins such as lead, mercury and fluoride. Because of that, the immune system gets stronger, too.


Thyroid Assist


Thyroid Assist is full of Iodine among other natural ingredients to help activate thyroid hormone production and support healthy thyroid gland functioning. This is an excellent supplement for those with an iodine deficiency or an under-functioning thyroid.





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