Kratom – Natural Pain Reliever and Aid for Opiate Withdrawal




In its natural form, kratom is the leaf of the Mitragyna speciosa tree native to Southeast Asia.

It is traditionally used for its medicinal properties, including treatment of pain and depression and as an alternative treatment for opiate withdrawal. Kratom can be used in many forms other than just the leaf itself; the leaf can be ground into a powder, contained in capsules, or processed into a tincture.

The extract of kratom can also be purchased in hard or soft resin form. Maeng da kratom, or “Pimps Grade Kratom,” is the strongest raw leaf kratom available for purchase. It is imported in the crushed leaf form but can be purchased in the crushed leaf form or as a powder. Deciding which form to take kratom in depends on how potent a person needs the kratom to be and how quickly need it to work.





The Traditional Way to Use Kratom is by Chewing the Leaves

The first known use of kratom predates the 18th century. Kratom leaves were traditionally chewed in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia,Thailand, and Indonesia because they aided in opiate withdrawal and provided a mild stimulant effect.

Kratom leaves are considered to be the safest way to ingest kratom because the leaves are unprocessed and therefore contain stable amounts of the plant’s active ingredients. A regular kratom leaf has about 17mg of mitragynine, one of the active ingredients that contribute to the treatment of pain.

Most people prefer to take kratom in other ways however, in order to receive higher concentrations of the active ingredients and better feel kratom’s effects.


Fresh or Dry Kratom Leaves Can Be Boiled Down to Create an Extract

For many people, kratom extract is the preferred form to ingest for two reasons: kratom extract is more concentrated that the leaves alone because it doesn’t contain any plant matter- just the alkaloids or active ingredients. Secondly, kratom extract is more consistent from batch to batch because it is processed; this means that people who order a certain extract of kratom can expect to feel relatively the same effects every time.

There may be one downfall, however: kratom extract may not be as safe as the kratom leaf in its natural state and the extract may cause harmful effects if mixed with sedatives or alcohol. Many people are turning to a new strain of kratom leaf, maeng da kratom, which is the strongest raw kratom leaf available to try to avoid negative side effects.

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