Astragalus – An Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Herbal Remedy




Astragalus is composed of about three thousand species of herbs and shrubs all of which come from a legume family.

It is mostly found in the Northern Hemisphere’s temperate regions. Most species are mostly known as milk-vetch, others are called goat’s thorn and in Western US they are referred to as locoweed. However it is important to note that not all plants called “locoweeds” are Astragalus.

What is it Used For?

Astragalus is used for a number of things. It is in a number of herbal remedies and at times it is also used as a form of home remedies. The herb has been in use for thousands of years as a Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here it has been used in different ways to prevent different diseases. Mostly, it is combined with other herbal products to come up with a herbal remedy that offers protection from a variety of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. This herb contains antioxidants which guards the body cells against the destruction caused by free radicals. It also works towards enhancing a person’s immune system so that colds and other forms of upper respiratory infections are reduced. The herb not only prevents diabetes but also treats it.

Astragalus is well known for its two properties: As an antibacterial and an anti-inflammatory. It may be used in various home remedies in the case of wounds. Its application on these places has proven to help disinfect the skin and prevent harmful organisms from getting in.

Once someone undergoes cancer treatment, supplements made from this herb are taken to ensure they recover quickly and live long lives.

It has also proven to be helpful in people who have severe heart diseases. It helps them in relieving them of the uncomfortable symptoms and also by facilitating how their hearts functions.

A function of Astragalus that should not be ignored is that it helps the body get rid of extra fluids. It can be used to help the continuing health of respiratory tract infections, breathing difficulties and lung conditions. It can also support the immune system.


How is Astragalus Used?

Astralagus is found in many forms:-Tincture, Capsules, Tablets, Liquid form, for injection, Creams for the skin, and applications.

This herb is usually used in this various forms to treat a number of illnesses. However, the use of astragalus should not be applied to children unless a doctor gives you the go ahead. This is because there are some precautions like not giving it to children with fever and so much more. The drug should be administered in different doses depending on the person and what he is suffering from. That is why you need to seek medical advice before administering it yourself.

The effectiveness of this drug is not well known. But for the few people using it, it can be the best herbal product to take.


Side Effects

It is considered safe for adults but only a few with serious medical conditions are asked to take caution. It has a number of side effects which are not well known as this herb is usually used along with others. It is known to interact with drugs taken by cancer patients. It also affects blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Some of the astralagus species may be toxic. So when you go out to pick the herb yourself, you need to be well aware of what you are looking for.



With the right doses, nothing serious can happen as this drug does not interact in small quantities. Nursing mothers should first see a doctor before starting on the use of this product, since it has not yet been established if it is safe for them or not. Any drug that suppresses the immunity interacts highly with this herb. It should not be used along with it. Astralagus makes it difficult for the body to remove Lithium, as a result high and dangerous levels of the by product can be attained.

No matter what you want to use it for, Astralagus products should be used only under an expert’s supervision. To avoid complications always use the ready made products and avoid picking it out by yourself. You could pick a toxic one and it could result in your death. It is helpful to some extent; your doctor will surely prescribe it for your immune system someday.


Author: Sam Billings

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