Lose Weight While You Brush Your Teeth – Benefits of Looking After Your Teeth

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Brushing your teeth everyday for your entire life can get kind of boring.

Doing the same thing over and over can cause patterns to become mundane and sometimes frustrating. But what if we told you that brushing your teeth doesn’t just improve your oral health, it can offer relief from toothache pain, act as a bad breath remedy, help improve your overall health and added bonus you can even lose weight?

Now you can trim your waistline by taking care of your teeth. Brushing your teeth helps your teeth shine bright, but maintaining good hygiene will help you in many more ways. Here are tips to help you lose weight while brushing your teeth.

Brush After Meals

Brushing your teeth when you are feeling a little hungry, before or right after a meal, can help you ward of cravings. Health experts recommend brushing your teeth after a meal instead of dessert to save on calories. The natural sweetener in the toothpaste can help you cure the sweet craving and polish your pretty whites.

Doctor Greg A Williams, a Dentist in Tigard, Oregon recommends brushing after meals to remove plaque build up and bacteria that can stay in the mouth. The back and fourth movement of the brush can help prevent cavities.


Stand Up While Brushing

Research shows that people who brush their teeth while sitting down burn less calories then people who stand up.

Stand up while you brush and burn more calories.

For an added bonus, stand on one foot while brushing. This will help with your balance.

If you want to burn even more calories do calf raises while you brush your teeth.

Stand on your right foot then raise it in the air on your tiptoes, and come down. Do this for 12- 15 reps and switch to the other foot. This can help build more muscles in your legs. You will feel stronger and leaner.


Improve your Balance

You don’t have to go to yoga every day to be centered; you can still improve your balance at home.

Try standing on one foot while you brush your teeth, then switch to the other. Doing this exercise for 2-4 minutes a day, the time it takes to brush your teeth, can improve your overall balance. Say goodbye to wobbly position. You can floss on your one foot too.

Maybe you can get your family to join in, who knows they might just be curious enough to try our your techniques.

For more advice on how to take care of your teeth and general health, you may like to visit Gregory A. Williams.



Author: Mary Thompson

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