Brain Hack – Seven Deadly Sins
May 22, 2012 Mental Health



Remedies for a Better Future

Everyone has a weakness, and often that weakness is one of the seven deadly sins. Whether gluttony has you stuffing your face or lust is causing problems in your relationship, there is a way to use the neuronal pathways established by these nasty habits to create new, pleasing habits.

This re-purposing of a habitual neuronal activity is a Brain Hack, which is a way of using the existing pathways in the brain for good rather than evil. The key to the Brain Hack is identifying the trigger for the offending activity and intentionally acting in a new way in response to that stimulus.

Does greed have you making the wrong decisions for the wrong reasons? Do you find yourself envious of your best friend’s good fortune? Do you want to learn how to deal with anxiety?

Try some of these Brain Hacks and move from the momentary gratification of impulse to a lifetime of satisfaction with the new, improved you.


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