Drafty House – Causes of a Lifetime of Getting Coughs and Colds

cold & drafty house


One of the causes people get colds and coughs is a damp, cold and drafty house. When I was a kid we had an old blanket that we used to try and stop drafts getting into the living room.

When the evening got chilly we would throw it into the gaping space which existed between the door and the floor.

Cold Air Block?

It never seemed to do a very good job blocking the cold air from entering (or the hot air from escaping) and I always longed for one of these funny draft excluders which look like snakes or crocodiles.

The blanket actually had a dual purpose, as we discovered one winter night when a tiny, furry creature went running across the floor of the living room. My Mum showed an unusual amount of

rodent associated bravery by throwing the blanket on top of it just as it was about to sneak under the door and out into the hall. She then grabbed anything else she could get hold of – jackets, jumpers, tea towels – and piled them on top of the mouse retention blanket. I guess her idea was to suffocate the little rodent under all of the layers but it was so funny to watch that the rest of us could hardly move for laughing.

When we finally pulled off the pile of assorted garments and household items it was no real surprise to see that the mouse had long gone. The blanket probably hadn’t even touched him and he was on the other side of the door, smirking and eating our cheese while my Mum built up her pile of stuff on the other side.


coughing man

coughing man


The Cough Won’t Go Away

That all happened a few years ago now but the other day it came to mind when my doctor was asking me a few questions. Ever since I was little I have had a really bad cough which takes weeks to disappear after I get struck down by the cold. Cough syrups don’t do anything, lemon and honey drinks don’t do anything and even sleeping with wet socks over my dry socks doesn’t seem to help. I have listened to old wives tales, searched the internet and even turned to the Reader’s Digest in search of a cough remedy that actually works– all to no avail. I used to travel to work in the train on an hour’s daily journey and it was torture coughing like a consumption victim and seeing the turned up noses of other passengers, who presumably enjoyed perfect health.

I hate bothering the doctor with my ailments so this year is the first time I have gone to my local medical center to get a professional opinion on the matter. When I told him that I grew up in a damp, drafty house with parents who were chain smokers he said that all of these things probably have had an effect on my body and that is why I can never shake off the coughing fits that left me with a persistent sore throat.

We are building our own house now and in between coughing fits I managed to splutter out to the architect that I want everything to be as airtight and damp-proof as is humanly. My lungs might be shot to pieces now but I don’t want my little girl growing up in a house which gives her the same problems.


Modern Methods

Thankfully there are now far more modern building methods than there were in the old days and the architect assured me that the whole thing will fit together so that we can be snugger than three bugs in a rug. He said that we can use structural insulated panels in the construction so that we get the most airtight joints possible.

The only drawback is that it looks as though I’ll never have a reason to buy one of those amusing draft excluders now.



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To ensure that your house is as airtight as possible a good move is to check out structural insulated panels.


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Author: Mary Thompson

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  1. I have had trouble with cough for years, This was a entertaining story and it reminded me of my own circumstances at times. The remedies cough on your other pages are really good. Thanks for a great website. Home remedies rule!

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  2. Thanks Michael, I hope the home remedies have helped with your cough…

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