Ibogaine as an Alternative Treatment for Alcohol Dependence
December 13, 2012 Drug Addiction



Overuse and abuse of drugs can cause severe problems and even ruin families, relationships, and lead a person to crime. Undoubtedly, the damage can be devastating but all hope is not lost when it comes to treatment and drug rehabilitation.

Nature has a way of finding cures for various ailments and addictions and one of the promising ones is derived from the root of an African plant, tabernanthe iboga. The shrub grows abundantly in West Central Africa and was once used in lifetime initiation rituals. Ibogaine, which is extracted from the root, has proved effective in the treatment of drug addiction.

No Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the biggest benefits of Ibogaine treatment is that patients do not experience any withdrawal symptoms. During treatment, patients are able to identify and come to the terms with the reasons why they turned to drug addiction.

Over the years it has been proved that the drug is very dependable as an alternative form of treatment for alcohol dependence. It is a drug that can not only take care of alcoholics, but it can also ensure that you would be able to get the required amount of stimulus, so that you can stay away from alcohol.

Ibogaine therapy can go a long way in ensuring that you would be able to get the required amount of stability in your life, and in case you’re looking for a way to quit alcohol, then this form of therapy can become a life-saving decision for you.

There are a lot of people that have actually been undergoing a lot of alcoholics sessions, and most of them are on the lookout for a quick way to get rid of alcohol from their lives.


Ibogaine Clinic

An ibogaine clinic would be more than happy to welcome individuals who wish to quit alcohol. The emotional temperament of a patient should be taken into consideration when opting for the type of treatment. There are countless circumstances in which the utilization of such drugs can bring about a massive change in that person, and hence each and every aspect of the person’s psychological as well as physical configuration needs to be looked up. This is a decision of the doctor, and only under comprehensive counseling and psychiatric and medical evaluations is this drug usually prescribed.

So, if you or your loved one has an increasing dependency on alcohol, it may be time to get in touch with a drug treatment center that offers this type of treatment.


Author: Lindsey specializes in the research on human behavior & rehab discipline strongly recommends Ibogaine Treatment for most addictive substances as alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methadone, Suboxone & many other prescription opiates.


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