Holistic Strategies For Stopping Addiction Before it Starts



A Never Ending Battle

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is a disease the individual must battle their entire life. Even after overcoming addiction and becoming sober, a person has to put for the effort each day to maintain their sobriety. The effort is worth it to stay healthy and break free from substance abuse, but a proactive approach to avoid addiction is always better.

Avoiding addiction before it even starts spares you and your loved one from the physical and emotional pain associated with substance abuse. There are many steps or home remedies you can follow to stop addiction in your family or with yourself.


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Remedies to Prevent Drug and Alcohol Addiction

  • Educate to Raise Awareness Despite the amount of information available on the dangers of substance abuse and addiction, not everyone realizes or accepts that those dangers apply to them. Children and adults alike can benefit from discussions about the dangers or drugs or alcohol. Share information in a way that appeals to the person it’s intended for by using videos, printed information or online information.
  • Monitor and Communicate with Children- Adolescents and teens may resent the intrusion of being closely monitored by their parents, but as a parent it’s your job to know where your children are and what they’re doing. Employ an open-door policy in your family so your children know they can come to you with questions or concerns.
  • Model Appropriate Behaviors and Choices- Words alone aren’t always enough to encourage those around you to avoid substance abuse. If your behavior contradicts what you say, a mixed message is sent. Drink alcohol and use prescription medicine appropriately and safely. Make your beliefs about avoiding drug use known to other family members so they know they’re not alone in their stance.
  • Get Involved- A close-knit family or supportive group of friends can make all the difference in the life of an adult or child. We all need support and positive relationships in our lives; having them provides people with an outlet for stress and the support to get through difficulties without turning to substance abuse as an escape.
  • Create and Reinforce Boundaries- Boundaries are an important part of any relationship, whether it’s between parent and child, or between spouses or friends. Set guidelines regarding substance abuse that lay the groundwork for abstinence. If someone breaks that boundary, it’s essential for communication and/or consequences to follow to prevent experimentation or one-time use from becoming an addiction.


Don’t Give Up

As a loved one, friend or mentor, you have the ability to help set the stage for lifelong sober living and avoidance of substance abuse. Consistent modeling of proper behavioral choices and open communication can have a big impact on those around you who may be at-risk for drug or alcohol abuse.

If, despite your efforts, you’re concerned that someone you love is abusing alcohol or drugs, you should reach out for help on that person’s behalf. The step you take for them or yourself can be life-saving.


Author: Desmond White is a writer that specializes in addiction treatment and his true passion is helping people find treatment for addiction. He is currently promoting Delray Recovery Center, click here to learn more about their facility and holistic treatment programs.



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Author: Desmond White

Desmond White is a writer that specializes in addiction treatment and his true passion is helping people find treatment for addiction. He is currently promoting Delray Recovery Center.

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