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Vitamin K is a very important component in human health.

It mainly helps in blood clotting and building healthy bones. It is good for reducing bone fracture risks.

It is also useful in protecting the heart. In fact, doctors give Vitamin K injections to new born babies to guard against the risk of bleeding in the brain and heart problems.




It is Naturally Available

There are many natural sources of Vitamin K. There two main types of Vitamin K. One is the K1 also referred to as Phylloquinone. This is mainly found in vegetables. Green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus and turnips are great sources of vitamin K. The green leaves derive the vitamin from chlorophyll. The other type of Vitamin K is K2 which is made from bacteria. It can be got from fermented foods substances such as yoghurt. This is the most active form of Vitamin K. it is also found in breast milk.

Additionally, Vitamin K can be can be made in the intestines by the bacteria found there.

It is worth noting that while heating foods does not destroy vitamin K, however freezing them may just do that!

This is a vitamin that is soluble in fat. It is stored in the liver and fat tissues in the body. It is then released when it is required by the body for functions such as blood clotting and building healthy bones.


Vitamin K Has Wonderful Benefits

There are numerous benefits to be gotten from Vitamin K. understating them will make you ensure that your body never lacks vitamin K.

  • It helps prevent calcification. This is formation of calcium inside body tissue. If this was not prevented, you risk heart diseases which can result to stroke.
  • It also acts as an oxidant which helps to protect body cells from what is known as ‘oxidative stresses’
  • As earlier mentioned, Vitamin K is very vital for bone health. It ensures that bones are not demineralised thereby remaining strong. Proper intake of Vitamin K enhances the formation and health of the bones.
  • It is also known to be good in ensuring proper brain function. This is done by providing an essential fat known as sphingolipids which helps the myelin sheath to be properly formed.
  • Having enough vitamin K also ensures that blood clotting occurs fast on a fresh wound. People with vitamin K deficiency may experience nose bleeding among other things.

It is therefore important to always ensure the intake of foods that have naturally occurring Vitamin K. Someone with a low intake of Vitamin K can use other available supplements. It has been realized that these Vitamin K supplements are in fact absorbed faster than those from vegetables. One is expected to take an optimal Vitamin K level of 1000 mcg in one day.



But taking a Vitamin K supplement is not recommended for those using blood thinning medications as this would turn round the effects of the medicine. One should also consult a health professional before taking the supplements. Vitamin K supplements do not have side effects if taken at the recommended doses and following professional advice.


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Author: Sam Billings

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