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Vitamin C which is also called as L-ascorbic acid is an essential mineral for the human body.

It is required in the metabolism procedure of the body. It helps in digesting of food. The deficiency of vitamin C causes scurvy.

Vitamin C is majorly found in green vegetables and fruits. In human body mostly it is present in the liver and skeletal muscles of the body.

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Vitamin C is very necessary for human body. It is used in the digestive system of the body and it increases the rate of digestion. Due to increase of digestion rate, body cleans itself from waste product. Vitamin C is also necessary for normal growth of the body. It also repairs and maintains several parts of the body such as bones and teeth. It heals the tissues when they are wounded. It also generates the protein which makes skin, ligament, tendons, and blood vessels.


Vitamin C Deficiency

The deficiency of vitamin C can lead to bleeding gums and nose, rough and dry skin, weight gain, weaker bones and some other. As already mentioned the lack of vitamin C is also the primary reason for Scurvy.


Uses and Working

Vitamin C is used for the protection of scurvy which can be very dangerous. Vitamin C is acidic and it works as an antioxidant. It donates or receives oxygen from different molecules hence stabilizing them. It also generates enzymes which help in increasing of metabolic rate. Vitamin C is very fast curer of injuries. It strengthens muscles and produce things which helps in defense mechanism against diseases.


Preparation and Intake

Vitamin C is majorly present in green vegetables and fruits. The fruits in which vitamin C is found are mango, papaya, guava, watermelon, strawberries and some other fruits. Vegetables like tomatoes, cabbages, and potatoes have rich vitamin C. Vitamin C can be taken directly from them or it can be stored in capsules by the scientific process. The daily recommended intake is 60 mg/day.


Safety and Side Effects

Everything has side effects. Vitamin C is very safe if it is taken according to the instructions of the doctor. But it has some side effect. Vitamin C can cause indigestion in the body especially when the stomach is empty. It can also overload iron in the body.


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