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A Story About the Disturbances of Sleep

When I was a kid I was a bit afraid of growing up. Getting a job and having to make my own dinner and buy my own socks just didn’t sound like a lot of fun.

What I didn’t realize was that growing up meant getting less sleep as well. As a young tyke my bed was where I spent a lot of my time and as a teenager I could easily choose to fall asleep at 4 in the afternoon if I had run out things to complain about and spots to squeeze. As an adult though, sleep seems to be a precious commodity and sleep disturbances can really interrupt your well being – for a number of reasons.

Looking After Baby

Until we had a baby girl of our own and she started crying and coughing at night, I never realized that babies keep you awake so much. I know any low quality romantic movie or TV series would have told me this but it just doesn’t seem real until you are sitting in the dark at 3am rocking a pram with your eyes glued together. As a child I certainly never realized that my parents were in the next room praying I would fall back to sleep but I guess they must have done it, just as I do it now and my little girl will do it in years to come. This thought doesn’t really make me feel any better when I try to struggle out of bed in the morning but at least I know that I am not the only person to suffer like this.


Avoiding the Snoring

Who said that only men snore? My wife says that I occasionally omit a few night time grunts but if there is a snoring problem in our house then it comes from her side of the bed. If I go back to my childhood again I can remember my Dad snoring like a trooper (does one snore like a trooper or is there some other sort of description I should use here?). However, the worst snoring I ever experienced was when I shared a house for a few months with a work colleague. His room was below mine and the sturdy construction of the building meant that you couldn’t hear, for example, the TV from one room to another although it didn’t stop his snoring getting through. The first night we were there I switched off my light, lay down in bed and soon got the fright of my life. From out of the darkness a roaring, bellowing noise started to shake the walls. I genuinely thought that it was some sort of wild animal which has escaped from the zoo and was wreaking havoc out on the streets. The only time snoring has kept me awake is when the person is in bed with me, and I have lost count of the number of times I have slunk off to the spare room to sleep.


The Dreaded Siesta

At this point I have to admit that part of this is my own fault. I had a resolutely British upbringing and would always be up at 7 and in bed at 9 or 10. This was all very sensible and probably increased my moral fiber no end. Then I went to live in Latin America and discovered the siesta. At first I just couldn’t get the hang of falling asleep at midday and would toss and turn for a while before getting up. After a while I realized that a truly great snooze in the early afternoon works wonders for you and when I went back to the UK I would find myself almost nodding in the office while everyone else was as fresh as a daisy.

Sleep is a bit like toilet paper I think; when you have plenty of it you don’t even notice it, but as soon as you don’t have enough it becomes a major problem. I now value my sleep more than just about anything and plan to get as much of it as I can from now on.

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Author: Mary Thompson

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