Head Lice Home Remedies – Symptoms and Natural Treatments

Considering the fact that head lice home remedies are frequently searched and asked for on the net, head lice is a major problem for the day to day individual.

Head lice have been known to be parasitic organisms residing in hair since time immemorial. Home remedies for lice are designed to get rid of these pesky creatures, keeping the health of your scalp and hair in mind.

One should always keep in mind that other hair and scalp ailments are very often mistaken for head lice, and one should first properly diagnose the problem before using any head lice home remedies or any other type of medication.


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An itchy scalp is perhaps the first symptom to be recognized of a lice infestation. Following the itchiness one can find red bumps on the scalp. Also, one can find lice eggs, tiny little white specs which attach themselves to the side of hair strands, which are a sure sign of lice infestation. Also, live lice can be spotted in hair. Once confirmed, one must ensure proper procedure on how to get rid of the lice.

Lice infestations are somewhat contagious. Lice are known to spread from one person to many at places where a large group of people get together. Children are especially prone to head lice and should be constantly and regularly checked for any signs of infestation. It should also be noted that head lice can spread within a family too if one person of the family has an infestation. In such cases, the entire family should be treated for lice and the household should also be squirted with medicine to prevent re-infestation.


Treatments at Home

Home remedies for head lice are recommended for many different reasons. Anti-lice shampoos, although being an effective method to curb the head lice menace about a decade back, have now started having little to no effect on head lice. This is because of a natural immunity that lice have developed over a period of time.

Organic shampoos are available in markets which proclaim that they stop curb lice infestations, but usage of these shampoos over a long period of time could lead to problems such as dry itchy scalp and can also cause damage to the scalp. Combing the hair and manually picking our lice and nits with fingers or tweezers can be effective, but one has to give long periods of time on a regular basis. For people who cannot spare such large amounts of time, as combing hair (especially long hair) this can be very time consuming, this method is very ineffective if not done regularly.

Pros of home remedies for hair lice are that most home remedies are derived from natural products and/or tips which have minimal negative effects on the hair and scalp. In fact, most home remedies are good for the hair and help tremendously as a dry scalp treatment. Also, head lice home remedies, as obvious, use household products which are easily available in a household and these remedies can be carried out in the comfort of your home.

Also, there is a difference between killing lice and eradicating an infestation. Most shampoo kill lice, but not their eggs, which will hatch into new lice and then the infestation will return. One has to understand that it is not only important to get rid of the lice, it is also important to get rid of the eggs.


Popular Home Remedies for Head Lice

Oils are good lice remedies because they suffocate the adult lice. Oil products and derivatives like olive oil and mayonnaise smother the lice. The best method of application is to apply the oil or oil derivative to your head, cover it with a shower cap and keep overnight.

Lavender essential oil is known to make lice flee, but one should be careful on application and should give some substantial time gap between two applications.

Using vinegar or lemon juice would dissolve the shells of the lice eggs and cause them to die. One should be forewarned that excessive usage of acidic materials can cause hair and scalp damage, so one must give sufficient time gaps between two consecutive applications.

Neem oil has been found to be very effective with both lice and their eggs. Using neem oil also strengthens hair and rejuvenates the scalp.

White vinegar is also very effective in treating lice infestations. Wash your hair with a little bit of white vinegar and then use tree oil shampoo for effective dis-infestations.

Coconut oil is a good oil to shunt head lice. Although not effective in killing lice, coconut oil can prevent re-infestation.

Soak the hair with olive oil and cover it with a piece of cloth for two hours and wash it with lukewarm water. Comb your hair with fine tooth comb to get rid of lice and eggs. Do it once a week.

Dog and cat shampoos have come up as interesting and effective ways to stop lice infestations. Should always be used with caution and any brand of animal shampoo should at first be properly checked and researched before using on self or recommending to another.

Listerine mouthwash is also known to kill lice. Wash hair with Listerine and keep for two hours and then shampoo with effective anti lice shampoo.

The effectiveness of each of the above method depends on the user, and not every method goes well and is effective with every person. One has to understand that lice home remedies are subject to the personal physical aspects and reactions of every individual. Also, the home remedies for lice which have use with caution mentioned in them should be used with caution or in small quantities. One must also first test all the home remedies for head lice in small portions of their hair to rule out the possibility of a reaction.

One must also pay much attention to the surroundings during an infestation. Mostly lice spreads from sharing beds or pillows with people infected. Also, cars and sofas should be disinfected to prevent a re-infestation.

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Final Word

To conclude, one should always be careful while handling head lice. Lice infected children can spread lice to other children. Home remedies for head lice would go a long way in preventing outbreaks of lice infestations not only in your home but in others homes as well.

Watch this instructional video on removing head lice from a child. Watch how she carefully checks the child’s head and hair and applies the product which can be any of the head lice home remedies mentioned above not necessarily what she is using. It is the method that is important here so be sure to watch carefully.



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