Back Pain in Pregnancy and Ways To Solve It

pregnant with back pain


There are many ways to alleviate back pain. It is a constant problem for some people who have experienced trauma to their backs. Many pregnant women also suffer from constant back pain.

The beauty of pregnancy can quickly become agonizing if you suffer from back pain.

Typically, during the second trimester, a woman’s body is expanding and preparing for the upcoming delivery. At this point the hormone Relaxin begins to loosen various ligaments in the body that can help ensure an easy delivery. However, this causes the body to go through a series of stretches and configurations that can cause major back pain issues.

Many women take it for granted that they will experience pain and it is something to bare. Some may take pain relievers, others will purchase body pillows and attempt some stretches. In any case, pain can and will be alleviated by these means. However, the most productive method that exists to ensure that lower back pain will stay away, is the use of a specialists. The specialist, namely a chiropractor will use various methods to ensure that your pain is manageable.

The majority of women who are pregnant experience back pain, and therefore are working daily at trying to relieve it. For instance, many women may utilize various liniment type products. However, these products simply mask the pain for a very short time, and soon enough it will return.

Temporary fixes are employed by women all across the globe. Why? Perhaps, because there are already so many visits to the doctor and other requirements that they simply do not have the time nor the money to fit in another appointment. Perhaps, they are scared to go to a chiropractor because they have never been to one before. Or even still, they feel that they can solve the problem themselves or live with it. In many cases, it can be lived with. However, pregnancy is a long road, and it should be enjoyed. Your body changes and as it is blossoming, a woman should not have to endure this in pain. That is why many chiropractors are experienced at working with women who are experiencing back pain. They may be able to alleviate your pain issues with a simple exercise regiment.


The Top Five Reasons Why Your Back Hurts

  • The hormone Relaxin, causes the ligaments of the pelvis area to soften and thus the area between the lower spine and pelvis has been known to become weaker.
  • The  abdominal muscles weaken via the extra weight and the back or spine takes the extra pressure.
  • The uterus is stretching and the center of gravity becomes dislocated.
  • Sometimes unknowingly a pregnant woman may move or adjust her spine causing tension and strains.
  • Incorrect posture while pregnant is a huge issue and causes many of the lower back aches that pregnancy affords.

There is relief from lower back pain available. First, prevention is the key to successfully weathering out a pregnancy. Many experts agree that the first sign to keeping back pain at bay, is to regularly partake of pelvic tilts. Also, keep mind that your posture may be the culprit and can cause unnecessary strains. Always try to sit upright, with your shoulders back. It may take some getting used to, but it will ensure that some of your back ache woes are left on the back burner.


Remedies for Back Pain in Pregnant Women

  • Keep your posture in check, by always ensuring that you are sitting upright, shoulders back. This will help adjust your center of gravity and ensure that you are able to have a relatively pain-free day.
  • Work on pelvic tilts, lay on a flat surface (the bed works great for this) and flex your buttocks slightly while lifting your pelvis. Experts advise holding this for ten-seconds if possible and then release.
  • Always bend with your knees and never with your back.
  • Try to have an equal amount of sit and stand time, both at home and in the workplace.
  • Lift with your knees and not your back.

The prevention of back pain is the key to avoiding having to see a chiropractor. However, for some women who have experienced trauma to their backs prior to pregnancy, a trip to the chiropractor may be unavoidable. In this instance, they may be prescribed a regiment of exercises. In some cases, chiropractors work with massage therapists, and acupuncturists to help alleviate the lower back pain. Women who are experiencing this type of pain, can ensure that they will have a pain free pregnancy by seeking out the available resources.


Medical Professionals and Holistic Care That May Treat Back Pain

  • Chiropractors, typically for pregnant women they can be treated and it is completely safe.
  • Massage Therapists utilize low pressure manipulation to ensure that your muscles are feeling great.
  • Acupuncturists are great resources to use after you have had your posture and spine issues addressed. Midwives recommend using acupuncturists after you have seen a chiropractor.

Relief from lower back pain is in your future. You may choose to do it yourself and practice prevention models. Some women are able to manage their pain successfully without consulting a medical professional. However, note that if you do choose to consult with a medical professional the treatment options are highly successful.


Author: Melissa Cameron is a freelance writer, who with the assistance of the best chiropractor in Appleton, WI, was able to collaborate effectively on this piece. She lives with her family in Texas.


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Author: Melissa Cameron

Freelance writer, Melissa Cameron, has a love of research. She discovered the Internet back in 2003 and is currently writing a series of articles on back pain and the importance of developing an ergonomic work space with the assistance of a Qualified Chiropractor. Melissa lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband Dave and her 2 amazing kids.

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