Ten Natural Ways to Relieve Stress and Calm the Nerves

If you’re looking for ways to lessen anxiety and relieve stress then keep reading, this article discusses some known natural methods that really work!


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Stressful situations can occur from time to time in all aspects of your life. Whether it is work related, exam related, or issues in your personal life stress can start to creep in before you even know it. Stress can manifest itself in numerous ways and is often attributed to further disorders and more serious health concerns. These can be depression, anxiety, anger issues and even cancer.

The following 10 tips can be used as ways to relieve high stress levels, deal with anxiety and increase self control at these stressful points in your life.

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Tips to Help with Stress Reduction

  • Release energy that is pent up inside you via any means necessary. You could go for a jog or a run, go for a bike ride, go swimming, or even just dance around to some high energy music. Anything that gets your heart racing and blood pumping to release pent up energy should make you feel a buzz of good energy afterwards and enable you to relax.
  • Meditation is used by some to reduce stress levels. Meditating can help you to clear your mind of the stress that is building there, and gain perspective on the situations that are causing the stress.
  • What you eat has a huge impact on your mental and physical state. Food that is high in sugar and processed food are the worst things for you when you are stressed. They give you a quick buzz, but the come down just makes you feel far worse as they lead to the build up of bad toxins that increase stress levels. Water is the best thing for stress as it will detox and hydrate your body, allowing your mind to function at its best and feel overall less stressed.
  • Monitoring breathing is a well known stress reliever, as it allows oxygen to circulate and get rid of any toxins in the lungs.  Take slow and deep breathes, around ten per minute if you can. This should make you feel calm and revitalized.
  • Enjoyment and laughter are key to problem solving and resolution. The brain needs to be stimulated in this way to be at its best, and when it is not, and when you don’t take regular breaks and take time to enjoy life that is when the stress builds up.
  • Aromatherapy is a great way to relax and using essential oils such as jasmine and lavender in a bath or as part of a massage will trigger neuro-pathways in your mind to then change your body’s chemistry and encourage you to feel peace and joy. And the smell isn’t so bad either.
  • Plants are a soothing and relaxing addition to the home and work place. Many offices have plants as they not only increase the oxygen levels in the room but also naturally promote calmness and stress reduction through their living vibrations.
  • A fountain or water feature of some form is soothing, as the sound of the running water is calming to our subconscious. There are even machines that you can purchase that imitate the sound of running water if you didn’t want to install an actual water feature.
  • Taking a long and relaxing hot bath helps to clear the senses and relax the muscles and mind. The use of essential oils as mentioned in tip 6, or some lovely smelling bath salts and soaps aid in the relaxation of the mind, and leave you smelling great afterwards.



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This article was written by Steve Grisham, an NLP training Manchester expert with experience in stress-management techniques.



Author: Steve Grisham

Steve Grisham is a renowned writer and NLP training Manchester expert with experience in stress-management techniques.

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