2013 is the Year of Depression and Madness

Van Gogh Madness


Madness and depression are two different things but when they work together in affecting an individual’s personality and behavior, the consequences can be disastrous.

The world that we are living in today involves catastrophic events that could bring out madness amongst us. Madness is the state of being mentally ill while depression on the other hand refers to the feeling of inadequacy resulting to a mental disturbance.

Have you ever wonder how many individuals in this world are mentally ill because of depression? Crimes are perpetrated by mentally ill individuals, taking hundreds of innocent lives with them as they live in their own world of darkness.

madness and depression


Sources of Madness and Depression

With the alarming crime rates, unhealthy lifestyle, proliferation of substance abuse, increasing numbers of neglected individuals by their own families, high tax rates and the global crisis, there is a high chance that 2013 can bring more depression and madness to the global community.

Children whose parents may be too contained in their own struggles to defeat their own battles in making their family survive amidst the different crisis in today’s world, their children are left neglected and depression sets in undetected.


Recognizing Depression as a Clinical Disease

An individual may develop depression because of varying factors such as death or loss, conflict, neglect, substance abuse, personal problems, genetics, intake of other medications and the presence of other serious illnesses. The moment you observe your child or any family member to be showing any odd behavior or signs of depression, do not panic.

Help is available in overcoming the signs of depression. The first step is to recognize the presence of depression and then to get help.


Natural Remedy for Depression

An alternative medicine in the form of homeopathic treatment is available to manage the symptoms of depression. This form of natural remedy for depression has been used by homeopaths over 200 years and its practice becomes improved in time.

The homeopathic treatment approach to depression involves the person as a whole. It is often referred as complementary treatment as homeopathy works best together with conventional anti-depressants. Depression is treated by using natural herbs as a form of medication thereby reducing the risks of side effects. Homeopathic medicines can be bought over-the-counter while some are prescribed by professional homeopaths.


Homeopathic Medicines for Managing Depression

There are different types of natural homeopathic medicines that are available that could help manage the symptoms of depression. If one is overly concerned about their health and always worries too much about themselves and of others, Arsenicum Album is often prescribed to promote calmness and a relaxed state of mind. Aurum Metallicum works best for individuals with suicidal tendency and among workaholics while calcium carbonicum can combat fatigue, anxiousness and insomnia.

A homeopathic doctor needs to evaluate the specific symptoms that a depressed individual usually manifests to be able to prescribe the most appropriate natural remedy for them.

Getting help is important especially in the year 2013 where the world faces different global challenges that affect millions of families and individuals. Madness and depression are just around the corner waiting for its weak prey whose insanity can pose a serious threat to the safety of the community. Homeopathic medicine can help in obtaining natural, safe and cost effective remedy to prevent depression before it becomes a more serious illness.


Special Herbal Remedy for Depression

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Author: The writer, Irina Carter contributes to the following website: http://www.wbahealth.com/ ,a place to find helpful information on men’s health problems and medical treatments. Irina enjoys writing about topics in men’s health, supplements, beauty, fitness, and nutrition.


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Author: Iryna Ostapets

Irina Carter contributes to the following website: http://www.wbahealth.com/, a place to find helpful information on men’s health problems and medical treatments. Irina enjoys writing about topics in men’s health, supplements, beauty, fitness, and nutrition.

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