The Final Word in Body Hair Removal

Since forever women all around the world have looked for ways in which to rid body hair by means of all sorts of various removal techniques. This article explains the options available today for modern women seeking methods for removing unwanted hair.


laser body hair removal

laser hair removal


Home Laser Systems

The intake of the right vitamins for hair growth can help the hair on your head grow long and healthy, but it can also stimulate body hair to grow which might not be so desirable.

For generations of women unwanted hair has meant regular shaving and inconvenience.  Dictating even simple things like what you can wear, managing unwanted hair growth has been, quite literally, a pain.  Some estimates suggest that women spend over three years during their lifetime simply getting ready to go out.  Much of this time is spent on shaving or waxing, and most of us have far better things to do with our time.

While many men don’t suffer from the same delays and dilemmas when grabbing something to wear before leaving the house, there are many for who unwanted hair growth is also a distressing problem.  For women though, the problem can be particularly acute, leaving some with poor self-image and low self-esteem.

While science and technology have increasingly been employed to address many areas of health and beauty, even here in the early 21st century, permanent removal of unwanted hair is still a dream for many women.


Privileged Women Only Need Apply

Some advances have, finally, been made.  Laser treatment is one of the few proven ways to effectively and permanently remove hair.  Salons and clinics around the world have been offering treatments for around twenty years.  At first, these treatments were extremely expensive and therefore reserved for the privileged few, but today they are becoming increasingly affordable.

Many clinics that offer laser hair removal also offer finance packages for the more expensive treatments, which can run into thousands.  Extra finance commitments may not be what many women want at the moment which can mean frustration for many of us.


How Lasers Work

Laser hair treatment for some areas of the body is relatively affordable.  Upper lip treatments are usually completed relatively quickly, which keeps the cost down.  However, leg treatments and other areas of the body can be both costly and time consuming.

The reasons for the cost are largely to do with how the technology works and how hair grows.  Laser hair removal uses a process in which the light from the laser targets the hair growth cells in the hair follicle via  melanin.  This is the dark pigment in both skin and hair.  By disabling the  hair growth cells the laser prevents future hair regrowth.  The reason that a series of treatments is required is that individual hairs have three stages of growth and none are in the same stage at the same time. Laser treatment, in order to be effective, has to ‘catch’ the hair during its growth stage.


New laser hair removal showing under arm

New laser hair removal showing under arm


The Latest Developments

Although highly effective for permanent hair removal, laser treatment is still out of reach for many women and requires regular appointments at a clinic; until now, that is.  Finally, and it seems to have taken the scientists long enough, home laser treatment products are appearing on the market.  As with many innovations the US has led the way.  Now available in the UK, the Tria Beauty system is competitively priced when compared to even the most basic clinic or salon based treatments.  But do home laser systems work and are they suitable for all women?

The answer to these questions appears to be yes and no.  Starting with the no first, laser hair removal is not suitable for all hair and skin types.  Melanin is a dark pigment that occurs in the skin and hair.  This means that laser treatment is not recommended for women with dark skin and the treatment is ineffective for those with lighter hair colors.  From mid to light skin tones and dark to black hair, laser treatment should work well for permanent hair removal.  For those with dark skin it is considered to be unsuitable and will likely cause damage to skin.  As to the yes, a number of reviews suggest that home laser treatment has proven to effectively remove hair on a permanent basis.

Like salon treatments, removal of hair does require repeated treatments – this may be over a period of several months depending on the area to be treated.  However, permanent results begin to appear very quickly and home treatment has the advantage that it can be conducted in your own time, in the privacy and comfort of your home.  Many users simply complete the treatment while watching their favorite TV programs, which means little or no interruption to your normal routines.  If laser hair removal has been out of the question for you, the cost of these systems may be a surprise; a pleasant one.  The results will be even more so.

If you found this article helpful, you may be interested in Tria Beauty – one of the UK’s leading providers of professional, light-based skincare solutions for use at home.



Author: Mary Thompson

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