American Health Stats
The Picture of Health in the US – American Health Care Spending
May 22, 2012 General Health

American Health Stats


Governments and individuals together spend trillions of dollars for health care costs. The industry impact on the American people shows and grows everyday. It either shows in the bills they pay or it shows in the salary they receive.


Breakdown of American Health Care Spending

21% private business, 28% is individuals, 16% state and local government, 29% federal government.


American Health Spending Distribution

37% hospital care, 23.6% physicians and clinics, 5.9% other health and personal care service, 4.9% to dental care, 3.3% went to home health care, and 3.2% to “other” professional services.

From the 1960s until today, per capita health care costs have risen about 5,400%. Transfer that rise to other industries and you would be paying: $176.58 for family dinners, over $95,000 for a VW Beetle, and $13.50 for a gallon of gasoline.

The cost of heart disease is $444 billion. Cancer costs $226 billion annually. Diabetes costs $174 billion.

In 2010, American healthcare professionals combined for earnings of $886 billion.




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