Yeast Infections – Natural Treatments and Home Remedies

Did you know that the symptoms of a yeast infection or candida can be treated and cured using a simple home remedies?

These symptoms can often be terrible and affect you negatively; hence eliminating them will help you gain your normal lifestyle.

These home remedies are often simple preparations which one can prepare from natural substances within the home environment. Several of these are regular things that we use in our meals especially. If prepared in the right manner, they can also be used as natural ingredients in our meals for the treatment of yeast infection. These include:


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Garlic: Garlic cures the infection by killing the yeast. Garlic can be applied topically, eaten fresh or as a supplement. Garlic taken orally or as supplement is often used to cure infections in the stomach and gut.

A fresh clove of garlic can be used by injecting into the affected area; usually the vagina. This is done by placing the garlic clove into the area for every few hours. If this remedy is used early enough, it can catch the infection readily. This type of yeast infection in women can especially benefit from the garlic treatment because they can tell when the infection is about to start, by experiencing a tickle of itchiness. At this point the garlic clove can be inserted. Before insertion, the garlic is peeled by taking off the white paper shell. Then during bedtime, the garlic clove is inserted into the vagina. This is then removed in the morning and thrown away. For the best results, this remedy should be continued for at least three days or until the itching stops. Cutting the garlic or slicing it makes its activity stronger, and thus increases the dosage; therefore care should be taken to avoid burning the skin. Douching is not allowed during treatment of yeast infection because yeast loves water and will grow faster.

Sometimes you may not be comfortable inserting the garlic into the vagina, in such cases the alternative is garlic tablets. The garlic tablets are readily available in the market and can definitely be used to treat yeast infections.

Vinegar: This is another effective natural remedy. Before using this cure you should make sure you have washed the affected area well. The preparation is made by mixing about one glass of vinegar in bath water. Then you remain in the bath water for about twenty minutes. After that, clean the private area properly to make sure they are dry enough. Vinegar is also used by dipping cotton balls into vinegar solution and these are used to pat the affected areas. In place of the cotton ball, a clean cloth can also be used which is then thrown away. Vinegar home remedy for yeast infection is also used for cure of oral yeast infections. The vinegar, usually white vinegar, is gargled for ten to fifteen minutes. When treating it antibacterial mouthwashes should not be used until the treatment is over.

Tea Tree Oil: This remedy has multiple benefits, and also offers good results. To use tea tree oil as a remedy, it should be combined with some alcohol and then kept in a dropper. This mixed solution is used to wash or clean the affected area for a number of days. Tea tree oil has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help in easing the discomfort in the affected area. The tea tree oil can also be mixed with water, and then using a cotton ball to apply to the affected area. The oil can also be added to bath water.

Yogurt: Yogurt contains Acidophilus and Lactobacilli bacteria, which fight fungi in the body. These bacteria are friendly and apart from fighting fungi they also help in strengthening the immune system. It prevents harmful bacteria and fungi from entering the body or prevents their multiplication once in the body.  The type of yogurt normally used is the probiotic yogurt. Yogurt is considered the best because it can successfully cure and prevent many other conditions if used correctly. The friendly bacteria ingest and destroy the harmful microorganisms and yeast infection is ultimately cured. It is also a safe option to use since it is not an anti-fungal treatment, hence will not result in fungal mutations that cause resistance.

The yogurt is used topically on the affected area and can as well be eaten. Eating the unsweetened yogurt everyday keeps the body healthy thought the population of healthy bacteria. It can also be put in the vagina by dipping in a tampon which is then removed after about an hour. Another option is to freeze it and then insert it into the vagina. Be sure to wear a sanitary pad to prevent any mess.

Boric Acid: This is another remedy that you can easily use at the comfort of your home. Boric acid contains mild antiseptic and anti-fungal properties hence its use as one of the yeast infection treatments. This makes it possible to use as suppositories which are inserted into the vagina to provide relief. Boric acid capsules are inserted into the vagina in the morning and evening. This is done for a period of about five to ten days. It is essential to make sure your hands are clean before insertion and wash them immediately after. However vaginal boric acid should not be used in case you are pregnant. It should also not be used in open wounds especially when being taken orally. This is because it can cause skin irritation.

Water: Perhaps the most common and readily available remedies to use for a yeast infection is water. Water is a powerful cure which only requires being drunk to reduce getting yeast infections. Our bodies require the right amount of water every day, which is estimated to be about eight glasses. Drinking more water makes you urinate more frequently, a process that helps the body flush off sugars which the yeast feed on. However, the water should be free from toxins so as to be beneficial.


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