Home Remedies for Ear Congestion – Unblocking Clogged Ears

Home remedies and natural treatments can be successfully used for cases of ear congestion so if you are suffering from this problem read on to learn all about them.


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Congested ears are uncomfortable and annoying to say the least. Ear congestion can feel strange and at times painful due to a build up of pressure.

Congestion can also impact on your hearing and you can find that you are unable to hear as much as you normally do. In more serious conditions congested ears can start to impact on your balance as well, so it is important to look after your ears when they become congested and while congestion will not normally permanently damage your ears it is important not to let the congestion continue for too long.

Your ears can be delicate and if left the pressure can cause long-term damage. Fortunately these are normally very simple to unblock, and there are many remedies that you can try at home without having to see your doctor. There are also some super home remedies for chest infection and all types of congestion.


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A Quick Solution

One of the most simple home remedies that you can try is simply to alter your breathing. Try breathing in, then closing your mouth and holding your nose, now breathe out of your nose while you hold it. This will help to ease the pressure in your ears, and it may be that you hear a popping noise as the pressure leaves. This can be a very quick solution when you start to feel pressure building up in your ears.




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Another way to get rid of congested ears is to heat your ears. This will cause the blockage to loosen. One way of doing this is to heat up your ears using a hairdryer. It is important not to hold the hairdryer too close to your ears as this can cause damage. Instead hold the hair dryer about 30 cms away and gently direct the heat onto your ears. You should feel a decrease in the pressure in your ears and possibly some moisture.

There are other ways that you can warm your ears to remove congestion too. Taking a hot bath, for example, can help your whole body to warm up and the steam that the heat of the water causes will also help your ears to recover.

Another method of warming your ears is to feel a bowl with hot water and hold your ear over the steam from the water. This can start to feel uncomfortable quickly unless you sit or stand in a comfortable place and it may take a while. Holding a towel around your head and the bowl will ensure that the steam is directed at your ears and is not wasted.

Alternatively you could try heating your ears by using a hot pad. Hot pads are a great way of providing heat to a specific place. Attach or hold the hot pad directly beneath your ear for around 30 minutes. This should loosen the congestion in your ear canal. If you do not have a hot pad a warm towel can be just as good.

Often congestion in the ears is caused by a cold, and heating up your body as well as your ears can help to relieve other symptoms of the cold. For example, taking a hot bath can also help to remove congestion in other areas of your body, such as your sinuses.


Sprays and Products


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saline spray


Another solution to congestion caused by a cold is to use a saline spray, breathed in through your nose. This helps your nose to breathe more freely and helps to relieve any pressure in your ears and your sinuses. See this article on home remedies for stuffy and running nose.

Often using oil can help to decrease the feeling of congestion by loosening the wax in the ear. Try adding oil to warm water and applying five drops into each ear that feels congested. It can be worth lying down when the oil is added to your ear, to allow it to remain in your ear and to direct it to the source of the blockage. It can also be useful to ask someone else to add the solution to your ear as it can be difficult to direct the oil into the ear without practice. By loosening the wax, the warm water and oil will encourage the congestion to break up and float to the surface of the solution. Garlic oil juice has also been found to be effective.

You are also able to buy wax remover kits from your chemist. These normally consist of a solution to loosen the congestion in your ear and a syringe to remove the wax from the ear once it has been loosened. Again, if you do not feel comfortable doing this alone it is always worth asking someone else to help you. Often someone looking into your ear will be able to more accurately remove any wax – even if it’s not a pleasant site.


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Closing Thoughts

It can be straightforward to get rid of ear congestion at home. However it can be important to go to your doctor if you do not feel comfortable removing the congestion yourself or if there is any liquid coming from the ear. Your doctor will be well placed to prescribe you the best treatment for your congestion. Your ears are highly delicate and complex, so make sure that you are careful when removing congestion not to cause any other problems. If you fear you may have an ear infection see our page on ear infection remedies and visiting your doctor is also recommended.

Author: Rajkumar Jonnala has made an attempt to solve your problems regarding congested ears including dental implants services.



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  1. I am experiencing clogged ears due to a cold but having a hard time with it, unable to hear properly had my ears irrigated by a doctor for was removal, still no result. so I saw Clear Ear on line and order this supplement hoping it will help with the congestion in the ears. Please help, if you can think of a better way without using instruments to remove wax

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