American Rejuvenation Secrets

American rejuvenation secrets comes in pill form; namely, as vitamins, minerals and food supplements, where a great deal of attention is focused on preserving a youthful appearance.

One American researcher interested in the prolongation of life, Dr Paul de Kruif, claims vitamins are “potent chemicals that will help stretch out the span of productive vitality.”. Stressing that nutritional deficiencies may be the main cause of premature aging, he continues, “What we eat – while seeming adequate – may mean the premature aging of many of us. But by using chemical knowledge now available, and of course home remedies created from this information, this premature aging can be reversed.” Many other researchers believe that in the nutritive chemicals – vitamins, minerals, etc – may be hidden the true secret of extended youth. Below we consider the three main vitamins of this rejuvenation secret.

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Vitamin E

There is no doubt that vitamin E is the number one rejuvenation vitamin which has been credited as a miracle youth, virility and vitality vitamin that can really keep you younger longer. A leading expert on aging, Dr Aloys L. Tapper Professor of Food Science and Technology at David’s College, states: ‘Aging is due to the process of oxidation and appears to be influenced by an intracelluar tug of war going on between two factors acting upon a third: intensity and duration of radiation-like effects: polyunsaturated lipids upon which they act, and the vitamin E available to protect them from excessive destruction.’ As we get older our cells become less oxygenated which produces certain substances: free radicals. Free radicals decrease our capacity to produce Vitamin E and this contributes to the aging process. The ‘intracellur tug’ loses its homeostatic balance and becomes too destructive; hence, the ‘wear and tear’ on the body.

Dr Tapper’s prescription for preventing premature aging is therefore Vitamin E. Vitamin E is the most powerful antioxidant: ‘in normal humans, vitamin E, contained in unsaturated fats, acts to prevent the formation of free radicals, and serves as built-in protection against accelerated aging’. What is notable is that our modern diets are grossly deficient in Vitamin E. We therefore need to supplement it with extra Vitamin E to prevent premature aging and stay young and vital longer. Our modern diet consists of processed food such as flour and bread that do not contain enough Vitamin E. We need to eat more whole grains, seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils in order to have enough Vitamin E.

Another noted scientist who believes Vitamin can control the aging process is Dr Hans Syle, of the University of Montreal. He propounds the famous stress theory: all premature aging is caused by stresses which the body is unable to counteract. Vitamin E is one of our basic anti-stress vitamins because it improves circulation, strengthens the heart, prevents oxidization thereby increasing the oxygenation of all tissues and cells. It thereby favorably influences such conditions as heart disease , diabetes, gouty arthritis, arteriosclerosis, varicose veins, ulcers etc it is one of basic life prolongers and rejuvenators. Vitamin E is also a potent rejuvenator of sexual fertility and virility; indeed, it can restore virility in impotent men and banish frigidity in woman!


Vitamin C

Collagen is the intercellular content which holds the cells together, and its deterioration is largely caused by a Vitamin C deficiency leading to symptoms such as wrinkles, flabbiness, skin discolorations that also adversely affects all metabolic processes speeding up the aging process. Vitamin C is essential to strengthen collagen and cellular integrity and needs to be added to our usual diet in large doses.

Vitamin C is vitally involved in all the functions of our body. It is the most potent anti-toxin we have and protects the body from every stress affecting its health. Older people particularly need to take vitamin C in order to protect themselves from health related illnesses. By improving cell breathing vitamin C prevents premature aging. It is also beneficial to our adrenal glands helping them produce hormones particularly in the production of cortisone. “ You are as young as your glands”, claim some scientists. Vitamin C helps your glands to work at the peak of their capacity and keep you longer longer. A rejuvenation program should include large does of Vitamin C – up to 5000 mg a day.


Vitamin A



Vitamin A increases the permeability of blood capillaries that carry oxygen and other nutritive substances to every cell of our body. The more permeable these capillaries the more oxygen and other nutrients the body can receive. Vitamin A along with Vitamins C & E constitute the holy trinity of improved cell oxygenation and perpetual youth. Vitamin A is an essential ingredient in almost any beauty ointment because it prevents dryness of the skin and preserves it from any blemishes. Julia Redding, noted cosmetologist, claims that by taking an extra 100,000 units of vitamin A per day a life span can be extended by 10 years.

The best natural source of Vitamin A is in carrots, tomatoes, and green leafy vegetables. Fish oils are the richest source. Rejuvenative doses are 50,000 to 100,000 USP units a day. Some claim large doses of Vitamin A is toxic, it would therefore be wise to take larger doses in two to three week intervals. Vitamins are synergetic they are therefore more effective when taken simultaneously: all three vitamins should be taken in tandem to prevent the aging process.


Other Important Vitamins and Minerals to Slow the Aging Process

Another extremely important vitamin in the overall program of keeping healthy is vitamin B. From the B Vitamin complex can be identified specific vitamins that are proven to be life rejuvenators or prolongers. Some are:

Thiamine (B1) is called the age-fighting vitamin. It protects the heart, stimulates brain action, and is indispensable for the health of the entire nervous system. B1 helps the pituitary gland to keep sexual desire healthily virile.
Niacin. According to Dr Abram Hoffer world’s foremost authority on the therapeutic uses of niacin, argues that heart attacks, strokes and senility can be prevented through large doses of niacin. He recommends 300 mg per day as a regular dose for old and senile people. He claims a good diet, plenty of vitamin supplements, and large doses of niacin will extend life by up to 20 years.
Pantothenic Acid is of specific importance to woman who wish to delay the onset of menopause. It also protects against stress, produces cortisone , fights infection, and speeds recovery from ill health. It is also known to restore grey hair to its original color!
Pangamic Acid (B 15). Vitamin B15 increases the body’s tolerance to lower oxygen levels. It is therefore complementary to the action of rejuvenative vitamins EC&A which increase oxygen levels to the body. B15 is also increasingly important because of the increasing ill effects of air pollution. The most age inducing substance in our polluted air is carbon monoxide which prevents oxygen absorption, B15 is a powerful counteraction to this affect.
PABA & Folic Acid. These 2 E-vitamins are specifically involved in keeping sex glands working normally – especially during pregnancy.
Riboflavin (B2) affects the health and keeps a youthful appearance for skin, nails, and hair. It also prevents premature wrinkling of facial and upper skin arm.
Pyridoxine (B6) deficiency can cause impotency. B6 can maintain virility at a high level in spite of the aging process.



Lecithin really is a miraculous food supplement. It’s a rich source a lot of rejuvenative elemental foods, like vitamins D, E and K, essential fatty acids and especially inositol and choline, two B-vitamins that are involved in helping to prevent aging. Inositol and Choline are perfect fat disolving agents. Lecithin should be included in all rejuvenation diests. It is sold in health food stores as powder, tablet or granular form.


Vitamin P

Rutin or Vitamin P has been found to have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system as well as a blood pressure reducing property. When Rutin is taken in conjunction with Vitamin C, it strengthens the blood capillaries and keeps collagen in a healthy condition. Collage deterioration and the aging processes in the cardiovascular system are main causes of premature aging. Therefore vitamin P is an important rejuvenative factor.


Brewers Yeast

The single most potent rejuvenative food is brewer’s yeast. Some of its miraculous health building, disease preventing and rejuvenating properties are as follows:

It’s the richest source of Vitamin B excluding B12.
It’s a very good source of zinc, important for preventing prostate disorders.
It contains a very large amount of high quality protein, three times that of meat.
It contains very rich sources of nucleic acids, RNA ans DNA. These are considered to be the very best rejuvenative compnents of all, contributing to the healthy function of all cells and keeping the mental and physical processes at the peak of their youthful efficiency.

Brewers yeast is available in flakes, powder form or tablets. When taken regularly, it can help keep you young by preventing the degenerative diseases and stopping the aging processes.


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