Raw Food Diet – Basic Questions

Raw Food plate

Raw Food plate


A raw food diet is a type of diet that is composed of food that has not been cooked. Many people opt for this type of food because they believe that food is most advantageous for the body if it has not yet been cooked.

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How Does Raw Food Help the Body?

According to people who believe in the effectiveness of the raw food diet, the process of cooking food denatures important enzymes that can naturally be found in the food. These enzymes are believed to help people digest the food and absorb the nutrients that are in it. If there is a lack of enzymes, the body will not be able to utilize all the nutrients that are in the food that it is digesting. This can lead to issues such as nutrient deficiency, digestive problems, weight gain, and even accelerated aging.


What are the Benefits of Eating Raw Food?

According to people who believe in the effectiveness of the raw food diet, it has a lot of advantages. It is said to help the body get clear skin, and higher energy levels. It also helps with losing weight and reducing the risk of diseases.


How Should it be Prepared?

There are a lot of accepted ways to prepare food in raw food diets. Food can be heated to make them more palatable, but the temperature should not exceed 104 to 118°F. Certain types of food such as beans, seeds, nuts and legumes can be soaked in water and then allowed to sprout. The sprouts are rinsed and drained, then eaten.

Because the temperatures that the food can be subjected to should not exceed 104 to 118°F, it also cannot be sundried. An alternative to this is dehydrating, in which the food is warmed at low temperatures. Aside from these two methods, food can also be blended, fermented, pickled, and juiced.


Are there any Negative Side Effects?

Most people are dubious about getting into a raw food diet because they think that it may not be able to provide all the nutrition that they need. However, if there are any nutritional deficiencies in the raw food diet, it can easily be supplemented with multivitamins. Eating a wide variety of food also helps to reduce the risk of this.

One of the major side effects of the raw food diet is the detoxification reaction that some people feel when they first begin on the diet. This is particularly common for people who used to eat food that were rich in caffeine, sugar, and meat. At the onset of the diet, they will begin to crave for these foods. They may even experience nausea and mild headaches. The best way to start the diet is to do it slowly. It is acceptable to start with just a 50% raw diet and go from there.


How Can a Raw Food Diet be Used as a Home Remedy?

Raw foodism is said to be able to address a lot of health issues. For example, apple cider vinegar or dill pickle juice can be used for acid reflux remedies. Aside from this, eating raw food is also said to provide relief from other diseases such as diabetes or even cancer.



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