Spiritual Remedies and Why They Are So Effective In Healing Normal Life Problems

spiritual healing


What is spiritual healing?

According to spiritual research, more than 80% of problems that affect us have a spiritual dimension to them. Spiritual healing is thus defined as using spiritual means to overcome spiritual causes of problems.

Spiritual healing treats the root cause of a problem and not just symptoms. For example, a spiritual reason (like a ghost attack) could cause a life problem like heart attack. And since humans don’t possess a sixth sense to enable them see the ghost, our pursuit of the cause of the heart problem will only be limited to physical or psychological aspects. Thus we only end up treating the symptoms and leaving the underlying causes intact..

What Can you Heal with the Spirit?


Ghost spirit

You now know that in instances of heart ailments with a spiritual dimension, medical or surgical procedure can only cure the subsequent damage brought about by spiritual root cause. Therefore, if you treat a heart condition medically or through surgery, these treatments can only lead to symptomatic cure. However, the condition will reoccur as long as the root cause remains unaddressed.

Spiritual healing has to do with diagnosis as well as complete removal of a problem’s spiritual root cause. In the example we have used above, it is about removing the ghost that causes a heart disease. Spiritual healing could also be used to stop a potential problem from occurring.

Despite the fact that advanced spiritual remedies can alleviate physical damage done, it is advisable to always treat the physical symptoms by physical means i.e. medical treatment. The reason is because it would require a significant amount of spiritual energy to treat what can be treated with comparatively less energy at the physical level. Unlike physical energy, spiritual energy is often much more invaluable and very difficult to acquire.


What are the main categories?

Generally, there are two kinds of spiritual healing techniques that apply to everybody with a problem that has a spiritual root cause. They include:


  • Spiritual remedies



In this method, the person that is affected or another person carries out a particular activity to cure a given problem at the spiritual level. This has one benefit in the sense that it brings rapid relief to the affected individual. However, the disadvantage to this method is that the relief is often short-lasting. It lasts as far as the effects of the act lasts. Examples of spiritual remedies include Pranic healing, healing through mantras, applying holy water (Thirth?) among other things.


  • Spiritual practice



This involves a person performing spiritual practice according to the six basic spiritual healing practices . Such a person will build his ability to protect himself from harmful elements. Spiritual practice is 100 per cent effective in healing life problems as opposed to only 40% effectiveness of spiritual remedies.


Is this kind of healing for you?



You may get help from a spiritual healer if you experience the following conditions:

  • If you feel overwhelmed by emotions or fears
  • You feel depressed in life and you also seem to have lost zeal to live
  • If you are pessimistic and unable to find the correct path
  • You are stressed to perform in both personal and professional life
  • You find yourself in unfulfilling relationships or activities
  • If you tend to suffer from diseases on a regular basis

The above are examples of problems a healer can help you cure. Most healers say that the healing power lies within you. You only need to have connection with your own self and determine its purpose. This you can do through daily spiritual practice.

Spiritual healing is defined as a process through which an individual can comprehend their mental, physical and emotional self and get rid of the negative mind states while allowing the positive states to thrive. Negative energy is the product of different emotions like anger, anxiety and fear. With spirituality, an individual’s sense of equanimity and resilience is improved and the individual also gets relief from different psychological symptoms.


How do Spiritual Healers Work?


Iron Spiritual Healer,_Socotra_Island

Iron Spiritual Healer,_Socotra_IslandA spiritual healer begins by holding an awakened awareness view. This is important for the healing energy to get some attuning. The healer scans your body or even other specific areas like your chest and forehead using their hands or simply with their minds. The purpose of doing this is to figure out the spots in which energy is stuck or low and also to read issues inscribed in the body-mind. A healing session can take at least an hour to complete. The number of sessions or time taken to complete a session depends strictly on the body-mind requirements.

Different spiritual guides tend to follow different processes like concentrating on the chakras, past life therapy, aura haling and visualization just to mention but a few.


Can a Spiritual Teacher Teach Me Spirituality?


Meditation Spiritual Healing

Meditation Healing of the spiritAmong the most critical roles of a healer is to share their spirituality knowledge and also use it offer guidance to others. A healer’s role is twofold: They use their knowledge to cure people and also impart guidance and knowledge enabling individuals to heal themselves. These healers are also called energy healers by the virtue of the fact that they use positive energy to heal people.

A healer often uses thought power positively to heal individuals suffering from a mental or a psychological illness. There are many ways through which a spiritual healer can guide you and also help you heal yourself. These healers will also teach you mantras or prayers that are customized in accordance with your needs. These mantras you will have to recite daily to assist you improve positive energy as well as awareness.

You could be introduced to spiritual mediums like mediation or energy healing coupled with breathing exercises by your spiritual guide. Meditation is among the best methods of attaining spirituality as well as enlightening the mind. It has been used for generations to help people explore inner selves and also bring energy to help in the process of healing. There are also many other benefits of meditation, meditation may increase your brain size for one.



Spiritual healing is not a substitute for conventional treatment. Rather, these two kinds of treatment complement each other. Spiritual healing treats the root causes of a problem of a spiritual nature while medical procedures treat the symptoms brought by the spiritual problem. Therefore, the two methods work side by side.


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