Herbs and spices with mortar and bottle with oil
Home Remedies and Natural Homeopathic Herbal Cures – An Overview of Holistic Health
August 3, 2013 Holistic

Herbs and spices with mortar and bottle with oil


Natural Home Remedies Overview



Natural home remedies are nothing new; people have been using holistic cures for thousands of years. The Egyptians knew the antibiotic qualities of honey and a whole host of earthly cures, and ancient Chinese medicine was founded on the belief of treating the whole person, which is the cornerstone of homeopathy today. Hippocrates, ancient scholar and teacher, taught this approach as well.


How Homeopathic Remedies Impacted Natural Medicine

In more modern times, a German doctor by the name of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann founded homeopathic medicine as we know it today in 1796.


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What did Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and these people know that we don’t?  Homeopathy, at its root, is the belief that all disease and disease processes start from an imbalance in the vital force. The vital force is found in every living thing and describes the natural power within that fights to keep living beings healthy;  if this force is weakened or imbalanced, the person becomes sick. Taken one step farther, homeopathy believes in curing a person’s ailments by treating the person as a whole, and not just the symptoms presented.

Today, even modern medical providers must admit there is much benefit to home treatments and homeopathic remedies. Doctors routinely prescribe chiropractor treatments to their chronic pain patients, and the ancient art of acupuncture is gaining traction as a therapy that aids in many ways. When you consider how many medications are used daily that have their origins in natural plants, such as morphine and many cardiac drugs, it isn’t that far of a stretch to see that herbal remedies or home remedies and modern medicine can go hand in hand.


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There are many reasons that home remedies are gaining renewed interest. Some people find them to be more effective and less expensive than modern prescribed medications, while others find that continued use of prescribed medications builds a resistance to their effectiveness, such as the continued use of antibiotics.

There is a growing concern regarding toxicity and side effects of medications; any number of law suits against medical laboratories will attest to this aspect. Others wish to combine home remedies with prescribed medication; there is no doubt that the two of them can work in a great partnership to defeat disease processes. Some simply trust in time honored natural cures that have proven beneficial and effective over and over again; others learn the ways of homeopathy and natural cures from family. To the uninformed, home remedies bring to mind witch doctors and mountains of strange herbal concoctions. The truth is, most herbal remedies are regulated by the FDA for safety in processing and packaging. While they make no claim as to effectiveness, rest assured the products are considered safe by the FDA under the “dietary supplements” category.


American Natural Remedies History

Natural remedies in America have a long history, from Native Americans to colonial settlers who adopted their medicine from the Indians, to homesteaders; every where there has been recorded history, you can find reference to medical practices involving natural cures. We took the practices into early wars, learned techniques from ancient peoples, adapted them for our own purposes, and relied on them from antiquity to the present. President William McKinley, artist Pierre Auguste Renoir, Chopin and Tolstoy are just a few historic figures who used homeopathic remedies. A little closer to home, Cher, Bono, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jane Seymour and Tina Turner are among the modern celebrities who advocate homeopathy.

Florence Nightengale, the mother of modern nursing, actually adopted her approach to medicine on a homeopathic basis. A patient of a homeopathic physician of the times, James Manby Gully, Florence surrounded herself in Crimea with nurses who were trained in homeopathy. One of her biggest discoveries, that wartime deaths could be prevented by better living conditions, addresses the whole body concept of homeopathic medicine. In written letters, her support of the science of homeopathy was clear; she advised her sister to seek treatment from homeopath James Harper and advocated her father seeing a homeopath for an eye infection he could not clear. In 1860, Florence received a letter from renowned journalist Harriet Marineau praising her strides in homeopathic medicine, and predicting that homeopathy would outlive any other practicing medical standards of their time.

Luckily for us, we are no longer stumbling around trying to figure out our natural remedies; a simple online search will unearth a variety of home remedies for almost anything you can imagine. Specially selected foods for a colon cleanse diet, St. John’s Wort for mood disturbances, echinacea for a cold, chamomile for any number of ailments from joint health to anti-anxiety; chances are you have heard of herbal remedies or even tried them without realizing they were homeopathic. From ear infections to nail fungus, to pain relief and joint comfort, there is an herbal remedy that is appropriate for you.


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Herbal remedies are not just for humans, either. Many have turned to homeopathic cures for their dogs, cats, and even livestock. Some vets recommend acupuncture or herbal remedies for pets when it seems they cannot find a cure. Again, natural cures and modern day medicine can be great companions with each working together with the other. Oddly, the human that won’t think twice about putting their pet on a natural remedies may have never thought twice about using them for himself.

Besides specific remedies, there is a large selection of overall health supplements, all natural, and meant to work together to promote long lasting, good health. Research can find supplements specific to gender and age, with a focus on different requirements of each; even children can benefit from herbal cures.

For any serious health threatening disease, doctor guidance is recommended. There is no reason not to supplement your medications with safe, beneficial, all natural homeopathic remedies as well. Research your illness, and see what remedies are recommended for you.


Closing Thoughts

From a history that dates to antiquity, the home remedy and or homeopathic solution are still a trusted and well researched source of health answers. Used by celebrities and advocated by physicians and historical figures throughout time, there is a reason that natural remedies are still being used today. Quite simply, they are safe, effective, inexpensive; home remedies and herbal cures work.


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  1. Good information, I’ve always believed in home remedies ever since my mom used feed me up on herbal teas, I attribute a lot of that on my relaxed composition.

  2. Thanks Mike, Me too… I have a strong interest in herbal, home and homeopathic remedies hence I even made this website because I am so into it. Keep healthy!!!!

  3. Thank you for providing such a wonderful website on natural remedies. I have really enjoyed reading through these pages and finding such useful home remedies to try. Looking forward to more information on herbs….

    • Thanks for your kind words Amanda, I’m glad you found these pages worthy. There really are some gems amongst them…

  4. The video is very informative and it will be helpful for all mothers. Home remedies are very cheap and easy to make. I treat many of my disease through home made medicines. I think herbal trees, homeopathy are part of this and it will be very helpful in curing many diseases.

    • Thanks Paul, It sure is amazing what mother nature has already provided for us.. it’s just a case of working out what does what with all the magic sources we already have!

  5. I too believe in home remedies rather than other costly medical treatment. Natural things helps us to heal faster without any side effect. I would prefer home remedies because its very effective and essential for almost all diseases. Today home remedies has different segment altogether and peole has understand the benefit of home remedies.

    • Hi Domenic,
      As a whole mankind is learning a lot more about natural medicines, it’s just a matter of knowing what things help what afflictions and balance is key.

  6. The natural shift back towards home remedies is slowly gaining momentum. More and more people are now looking into their own kitchens and gardens to find natural cures for daily ailments. Almost every illness will have a natural remedy. So why not save money and be your own doctor?

    • yep, for sure, at home natural remedies are becoming more popular every day for good reasons, just like you say.

  7. Feverfew extract

    Good information,Natural things helps us to heal faster without any side Feverfew in the treatment of migraine

  8. I like home remedies as they are safe. So many complications can result from prescription medications where herbal and homeopathic remedies there are none.

  9. I already have a big interest in natural remedies so I’m always looking for new tips and advice on how to stay healthy. I really think that by using natural products we can often heal faster and more in line with our body. This website will be bookmarked for sure! So much information on here, I’ll be using it as a reference when I’m thinking up recipes! I wonder if any other readers have some tasty recipes they can share using some of the ingredients you’ve listed in your food section?

  10. Hi Brian, It’s so nice to see someone who likes recipes too! I love cooking and I love using natural products in as much food as possible. I cook a lot of chinese foods, and use sesame oil and seeds in much of our helps as an anti oxidant and blood pressure. We also use lots of ginger in our diet. Some we use sliced thinly or chopped and sprinkle over fresh fish and steam, or we use it in a stir fry with a variety of vegetables, and also a few drops of sesame oil. Sometimes we sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds over the dish. It not only looks nice but tastes delicious. I hope I gave you some ideas for nice recipes :)

    • Hi Cathy and Brian, Thanks for your helpful comments. The food section of this site is one that needs more work. There are so many medicinal foods that help with all sorts of health concerns, I really need to develop that and I will.. keep in touch!

  11. Home, herbal and homeopathic remedies are definitely the way to go. At the rate that we’re consuming modern medicine, we’re just asking for something catastrophic to happen. At some point we’ll have so much harmful chemicals in our body. that we’ll depend on one chemical to suppress the effect of another, then another, and so on. I’m a firm believer that there are cures for everything in nature. We forgot our old ways and we’ve become too dependent on quick and easy fixes. We’ve all got to go back to living naturally again.

  12. I heard the story that some of the most talented Native American healers had been banned from performing their healing after getting sued by pharmaceutical companies and American Medical Associations. Maybe it’s just a conspiracy theory, but if it’s true it makes me question just how much healing there is in modern medicines. I feel that the medical care nowadays is about managing illnesses rather than curing them, because there is no money to be made in cures. I really want to avoid seeing the doctors if I can and I want to learn more about homeopathic remedies to find cures for everything in nature. Maybe I’m being too negative about Western medicine, but that’s just the way I feel having dealt with it for many years of living with an illness.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for your insightful comment. There may be more truth to what you say than we know.. It is certainly a good idea to educate as many people as possible about the real benefits of natural health methods and not to simply believe the ads on tv. There are so many prescription medicines that are harmful, surely its a better choice to find safer alternatives.

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