Home Remedies for Dry Hair That Will Leave You Feeling Like a Princess

There are several home remedies proven to be effective for treating the common condition of dry hair. This article lists all the best ones so if you are prone to dry frizzy hair and like the idea of natural treatments you’re on the right page.




Dry hair is a consequence of deficiency of moisture and natural oils in hair follicles. There are also many home remedies for hair growth that will also improve dry hair.

Increase your consumption of foods with vitamins like folic acid, vitamin A and E and minerals like iron for effective dry hair treatment.

Oil massage – Oiling your hair helps lubricate dry hair. Massaging oil to your hair increases blood circulation and stimulates oil glands, which in turn promotes hair growth and shine. It’s better to heat the oil for easy penetration of pores.  Try applying some coconut oil to your scalp using your fingertips. Wash only after leaving the oil on your hair for some time.  You could also take half a cup of coconut oil to which 4 crushed almonds are added and steamed. Then massage this warm mixture to your scalp and hair and wrap a towel around your head. Let the oil stay on your hair for 30 minutes and then shampoo.  Also try applying some warm olive oil to your dry hair on a regular basis.


Natural Treatments for Dry Hair


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  • Another effective treatment involves using vinegar, which works as a conditioner. So after washing your hair, give a last rinse with water mixed with some vinegar.
  • Beer also figures in the list of home remedies too as it is a good conditioner. Give your hair a final rinse with beer or spray your hair with beer after shampooing, for shiny hair.
  • Curd is also helpful for treating dry hair. You just have to use it to mask your hair before you wash, and see the results.
  • If your hair is not only dry, but is also graying, use henna to both condition and color your hair. It’s much better than the hair colors that have chemicals in them, and can be used even by those whose hair hasn’t grayed as a remedy for dry scalp.
  • Cut an aloe vera leaf and apply its juice to your scalp regularly.
  • Lemon juice, when applied to your hair helps keep your head clean and of course, helps treat dry hair.
  • Also try applying honey to your hair before washing for relief from dry hair.
  • Even a pack of yoghurt and honey is great for dry hair.


Home Packs for Treating Dry Hair

  • Make a paste of 2 mashed ripe bananas and adding half cup beaten curds to it. Apply the paste to the length of your hair from base to tip and then pile your hair to a bun. Leave on for 15 minutes and shampoo using the best shampoo for dry hair.
  • Another home remedy involves beating an egg and applying to your hair. It should be washed off only after leaving it on for some time.
  • You could also make a mixture of one beaten egg, a cup of milk or yoghurt, juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil and apply to your hair. Then wrap a warm towel around your head to leave the mixture on for an hour and shampoo off.
  • Try heating a cup of mayonnaise till it gets oily. Apply a coating of liquid mayonnaise on your hair, leave on for 15 minutes and wash off. This helps protect your hair from getting dry.


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Preventive Measures

Besides using all these home remedies, you could also try to prevent dry hair. Drink lots of water to keep both your body and hair hydrated. Avoid combing your hair vigorously and it’s better to use a wide tooth bomb for brushing your hair as it leads to less breakage and hair fall. Always wear a cap while swimming as the chlorine in swimming pool water can dry your hair.

Avoid using dryers and air dry your hair as much as possible. Avoid using chemical styles and treatment on your hair as it only dries your hair. Instead use more of natural products. Avoid shampooing your hair too often but make it a point to regularly trim your split ends.

Final Word

Last, but not least, eat healthy food and exercise for improved blood circulation. Clubbed with home remedies, these treatments for dry harsh hair, you will be able to bring a beautiful shine to your hair, and make it your crowning glory.



Author: Sam Billings

Sammy is the owner of this website and major contributor. Sam's work is also often published in other leading natural health and home remedies websites as well. The content Sam writes about is always thoroughly researched and based on real medical professionals opinions and users testimonials. Sam lives in the Sth Is. of New Zealand.

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  1. Good article, I like the radical natural remedies.. not so sure about the beer one tho. But I really like the henna remedy as an alternative to hair dye. Henna has got to be a lot better for your hair and scalp than nasty chemicals in hair dyes.

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    • Too true Henry… there are so many harmful chemicals in your usual hair dyes.. it just makes sense to use all natural products doesn’t it?

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