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Mrs. Besse (pronounced Bess) is the oldest person alive and only one of 8 people ever to live to 116. Still fully aware and as stubborn as a mule. Source: Excerpt source:


Think you’re a healthy person compared to the rest of your friends and colleagues?

Or do you think that you probably will not live a long life due to the way you live? Not only that, do you think your country is relatively healthy compared to others? The answers to the worlds countries life expectancy may surprise you.

The following graphic shows the healthiest people in the world, measured in various ways. The top five countries with the highest life expectancies and lowest deaths per birth are shown, as well as facts for each country that may explain part of their success.

In addition, the oldest people alive are also shown as well, with their own reasons why they are living as long as they are. Last, several ways to improve your health and possibly your life expectancy are also shown.




Hopefully the graphic may help you pick up a few new healthy habits that help you live a healthier life!

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