Hidden Health Benefits of Olive Oil

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Olive oil is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine but could the benefits of olive oil be even greater than the flavor added to our food? Olive oil is growing in popularity throughout North America. It seems almost everyday people are finding new use for the miracle oil. Olive oil can be used anywhere as a massage oil, to hair conditioner and even eye makeup remover. But how about we get back to basics and appreciate what the oil is doing for our insides.

At the Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona, Spain, Maria-Isabel Covas carried out an extensive review of studies that focused on the biological and clinical effects of olive oil. The study found that people who regularly consume olive oil are much less likely to develop cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure, stroke, and high blood cholesterol.

Professor Pilar Guallar-Castillón and colleagues, of the Autonomous University of Madrid in Spain, surveyed 40,757 adults aged from 26 to 69 years over an 11-year period. They focused on the people’s cooking methods and dietary habits. Researchers came to the conclusion that people who regularly eat foods fried in olive oil had a lower risk of developing heart disease or premature death as opposed to the subjects that cooked with other oils.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil has even been found to reduce the risk of liver damage. Liver damage is caused by oxidative stress that occurs through chemical reactions in the body with free radicals leading to cell damage. Investigators at the University of Monastir, Tunisia, and King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, carried out a study demonstrating that extra virgin olive oil may protect the liver from oxidative stress. Rats exposed to a moderately toxic herbicide that were fed on a diet containing olive oil were partially protected from liver damage.

Who knew this wonderful oil was capable of so much? Not only is it helpful to your heart, but it benefits can be seen throughout your home. Olive oil has been used to polish furniture and can even be used as a substitute for shaving cream! So the next time you’re out grocery shopping pick up a bottle of olive oil. It’s definitely worth the investment.


Written by Charlie Marquez

As published by The Empire State Tribune

Author: Charlie Marquez

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