Home remedies vs. medical treatments – which are more effective for skin problems

Everyone has skin problems, regardless of age or gender. Skin breakouts, acne, pimples, rash or eczema are just some issues people deal with over the course of a lifetime. Most of these issues occur because of an unhealthy lifestyle. When you’re not eating healthy you’re depriving your body from essential vitamins and nutrients that are so important for the skin. There are times when all of the above mentioned skin concerns occur even when you adhere to the healthiest meal plan. In this case you have a choice – whether to try out home remedies to restore vitality of your complexion or turn to medical treatments. Here are some pros and cons of these solutions to help you make a decision.


Benefits of all-natural home remedies for your skin

As opposite to medical treatments, natural remedies for skin problems don’t feature any chemicals or harsh ingredients. They don’t cause allergies and they’re a lot more affordable. Many women have acne – whether they’re 15 or 40. Hormonal imbalances, dehydration, smoking, or bad food habits may be the root cause. Baking soda for example, has proven to be incredibly efficient. The treatment helps speed the clearing and healing process. Blend baking soda with warm water and scatter all over the face; rise after a couple of minutes and repeat the process the next day.

Another great treatment for your skin is focused on the use of chamomile. Chamomile is an herbal plant widely used in alternative medicine. Whether used in fresh or dried form, it is an excellent treatment for painful mouth lesions and gingivitis. When used topically, chamomile has potent healing abilities. It treats widespread skin problems such as itchy lesions, sunburns, and hives.



Why use natural home remedies for skin problems?

As opposite to medical treatments, home remedies for the most common skin problems don’t contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that might affect the epidermis and do more harm than good to the skin. For the complexity to look better on the outside (and on the inside), it’s very important to keep it nourished. We can do that by providing it with vitamins and minerals in raw form. Pure honey makes the skin feel incredibly soft, while natural sugar mixed with avocado can be the most efficient scrub against bacteria.

Starflower (borage) oil is yet another alternative treatment you can be used to restore your skin’s freshness. Made from starflower seeds, this natural remedy contains gama linoleic acid (GLA). It is a powerful fatty acid that becomes a hormone-like substance which blocks skin inflammation. Starflower oil is excellent against eczema, dry or damaged skin, and acne.

Home remedies vs. medical treatment for skin problems

There’s a strong debate when it comes to making a choice between home remedies and medical treatments for skin problems. To some degree, a treatment provided by a physician can also help. Now it depends on the severity of your condition. Chronic ski issues such as severe acne, psoriasis, or scaring may require a more aggressive type of treatment based on antibiotics, antibacterials, antivirals, or immunosuppressants.

Psoriasis for example, is an extremely unpleasant skin condition. It affects the top and deeper layers of the skin, and it requires a special type of treatment. In this case, the patient may require specific therapy based on biologics. Common examples include inflixirnab, adalimumab, and ustekinumb. Since we’re talking about a reoccurring autoimmune disease, the patient should be willing to try more than one treatment to settle on the one that is best handled by the skin. There are home remedies for psoriasis too. Use olive oil to keep the area moisturized, and try not to use any sort of products with artificial ingredients or added perfume.



When it comes to skin problems, deciding on a type of treatment can be difficult. Acne, eczema, sunburns, and pimples are common condition; but then again, there are others. Women in particular, may deal with skin discoloration or dark circles around the eyes. Natural treatments can help; chamomile tea, homemade blends or honey and avocado, and even yogurt can help restore your skin’s vitality. For more severe issues, consult with a physician to help you find the best solution for your type of skin.

By Fredrick Cameron and Supplemented.co.uk!

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